Nike Presto

Nike Presto

The slim silhouette of the Nike Presto is an absolute counter-movement to the bulky trend. The perennial favorite among the Swoosh sneakers is one of the label's most iconic models and is now considered one of the most popular models. With its tech style, individual fit and eye-catching marketing campaigns, the Presto has secured a well-deserved place in the wardrobes of sneakerheads.

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A completely new Air-a: the rebellious Nike Air Presto

With this silhouette, the designer broke with all previous sneaker guidelines - and did so deliberately. The idea was to create a shoe that would offer maximum flexibility for the wearer and at the same time be ultra-comfortable - without any superfluous material. What initially sounded like an impossible mission became a must-have sneaker. We took a closer look at the history of the icon and present a few models that you should definitely know. Let's go!

Successful against the tide

Long time no see - that was definitely the case with the Nike Air Presto. Although the release of the model was only celebrated in the new millennium, the model was created back in 1996. Once again, a big name was behind the idea for this Air model: Hatfield. Not Tinker, however, but his little brother Tobie. Customer calls for more comfortable and slipper-like running shoes that could also be worn in leisure time were getting louder and louder. During a test run, Tobie Hatfield realized that the shoe itself had all the features of a good running shoe, but that its design did not allow it to adapt exactly to the foot. Together with his team, he broke completely new ground and combined a new fit with a fresh design and the latest technology.

This led to the idea of completely eliminating superfluous material in favor of increased flexibility and comfort instead of simply changing it. The collar of the shoe was omitted and the famous V-notch was the result. It provided a loose look and a customized fit that was stretchy - like a t-shirt.

To further work on the reductive design of the model, Hatfield brought in designer Bob Mervar. The result was a style that made do with less material, integrated a fresh dynamic and created a modern tech look with eye-catching colorways. Naturally, Nike dropped the model for the Olympic Games in Sydney - where else would it be? Accordingly, the release of the model caused quite a stir, but the hype died down again - for the time being.

The second spring

The silhouette didn't really want to remain successful after the 2000 release in Sydney, because after the first run on the Nike Presto, the air was out for a while. You could also say that the Swoosh took another run-up, because with the collabo of the fashion label ACRONYM, the label landed an absolute direct hit in 2016 and catapulted the Presto back to the forefront. Suddenly, there was a whole new generation at the start who wanted to wear the shoe not only for sports, but above all on the street - the start for the Presto in the street style sector. With its tech look, it has a futuristic appearance and can be a real eye-catcher for a casual look with an eye-catching colorway. But the sleek look also works really well in the office. The collaboration with ACRONYM is considered the turnaround when it comes to the long-term success of the model.

This was followed by many other successful collabs, such as with Virgil Abloh, but of course also plenty of special editions. These include the Presto Oreo, the Safari and the very special collaboration with musician Eric Clapton.

Hyped variants of the Nike Presto

The OG release in 2000 consisted of 13 selected colorways, which had quite a few names. From Catfight Shiner to Orange Monk and Unholy Cumulus, Nike threw out everything they could. Of course, Hatfield not only went all out with the shoe in terms of design, but also in terms of technology and the materials used. The original versions came with a neoprene mesh upper, the well-known Air technology and a low weight. This made the shoe comfortable and at the same time able to withstand the high stresses of running. Later, the popular and innovative Flyknit material was even used on a mid-cut silhouette - the Nike Air Presto Ultra Flyknit.

We take a closer look at which versions of the Presto have generated the most hype.

Nike Presto Fly

This model has a more robust upper than the Flyknit version. The slightly thicker yet breathable mesh provides stable support and is an ideal companion for all seasons. The shoe is nevertheless very lightweight and offers the comfort that is so typical of the model, hugging the foot like a piece of clothing. The special effect of the sneakers is definitely the lacing: the laces are not attached to a corset or eye-catching eyelets, but disappear into small tabs, creating a very clean and sporty-elegant look. This version of the Nike Presto for women in All White is particularly popular, as the clean lacing really comes into its own. The Nike Prestos for men in All Black are similarly popular. The clean look combined with the slim silhouette make the all-black version a modern yet sporty shoe.

Nike Presto Utility

This version is much more eye-catching, especially the mid version. With a robust and non-slip outsole, a synthetic leather upper and eye-catching lacing, Nike has developed a version that is not only visually appealing, but also fulfills the long-awaited desire for a weatherproof version of the Presto. The finish makes the shoe water-repellent, so you don't have to worry about wet feet. The high shaft offers additional protection and greater comfort in bad weather. Dark colorways or eye-catching color variants such as orange are popular here. A visually similar version is the Presto Roam, a limited edition of 1500 pieces from 2002. With a brown suede upper, it is also somewhat reminiscent of a boot, but matches the outdoor character of the Utility.

Nike Presto Chanjo

The Presto Chanjo offered a completely new wearing experience. The Swoosh completely dispensed with the TPU cage and launched a slip-on version of the Presto. Together with the lightweight and cushioned sole and the mesh and neoprene upper, this version is ultra-comfortable and ideal for giving your feet a well-deserved break after sport. The Air Presto Cage was also specially developed for the regeneration period after the court and was also designed as a slip-on without lacing. Unlike the Chanjo, however, this version comes with a very eye-catching TPU cage that provides even more stability.

Nike Presto Ultra Flyknit

And of course there is one version that should not be missed: the Presto Utra Flyknit, probably the most innovative version of the Presto. The version developed for lifestyle comes with an upper made from Flyknit, a very robust yet ultra-lightweight yarn. Together with the cored sole, the Ultra Flyknit is the lightest shoe in the Presto family and therefore very comfortable to wear. These Nike Prestos are very popular in white, as the clean look - similar to the Fly - is shown to its best advantage.

Sporty ambitions

The lack of superfluous material made the Presto's silhouette particularly slim and completely free of the typical "corset" of sneakers. This allows the material to hug the foot perfectly and adapt individually. No wonder the Swoosh based its marketing strategy on this: Nike advertised its new model with "T-shirt for the feet" and drew attention directly to the special fit. To ensure that these were not just empty words, Nike opted for a different choice of sizes: Variants from XS to XXL replaced the regular shoe sizes and caused a lot of confusion.

However, as there were always problems with the end consumer regarding the size, the sizing was changed to US or EU sizes a few years ago. You can take your normal size for the Presto, as you are used to from your other sneakers, or a maximum of half a size smaller.

Nike Presto - a rightly hyped masterpiece

With the silhouette itself, the team around designer Tobie Hatfield has shown real courage and made a precision landing. The Presto is so different from many other sneakers - and that's exactly what makes it so popular.

The sneaker from the Air family naturally offers the appropriate cushioning technology. The must-have for every running shoe from Nike is complemented by absolutely unbeatable comfort thanks to the individual fit. However, the Presto also stands out with its slim and sporty shape. In times of dad shoes and chunky designs, the silhouette is an absolute classic that always works: whether for sports, the office or leisure - a Presto is simply part of every sneakerhead's standard repertoire.

Even if the hype died down after the successful release - countless collabs and hyped colorways later, the Nike Presto shows that it's worth going against the grain!

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