New Balance 2002r

New Balance 2002r

It is the epitome of the dadshoe wave and at the same time delivers great performance on the running track: the New Balance 2002R. With plenty of technology, comfort and the unmistakable retro look, the Kick is currently experiencing a total hype. The relaunch of the 2002 not only brought optimized technical features, but also a few modern elements and has thus secured itself a permanent place in the closet of sneakerheads and fashion fans. You can find out more about the legendary relaunch of the sneaker, its individual features and hyped variants here. Let's go!

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From running shoe to fashion must-have

The NB 2002 dropped onto the market in 2010 as a pure running shoe and was equipped with the latest technology - a real game changer for every professional runner. Even Ronnie Fieg praised the comfort and look of the shoe, making it a minor celebrity. However, the special cushioning technology and the optimized look with different materials did not make the shoe affordable for everyone. Professionals were happy to accept the relatively high price - in contrast to the recreational public. As a result, the Kick was not a huge success in terms of numbers when it was first launched and production was therefore initially put on hold.

In 2020, the time had finally come - the successor to the New Balance 2002 was released! With the addition of the "R", modern features were added that perfectly reflected the spirit of the times. The sneaker hit like a grenade, followed by fresh colorways and lots of cool collabs like the one with former Versace designer Salehe Bembury. It wasn't just a new edition either: the OG version was visually enhanced with a few details, the sole was replaced by that of the 860V2 and made the shoe a lot slimmer. This is how the almost forgotten 2002 became an icon of current fashion and an absolute must-have!

The NB 2002R and its hyped variants

Models such as the New Balance 550 or the 992 are perennial favourites of the internationally successful sportswear brand. The combination of technology and retro hype paved the way for further silhouettes from NB at the end of the 2010s - including the NB 2002R. An important success factor is its authenticity: many sneaker manufacturers are picking up on the vintage look, as it is currently very much in vogue. New Balance, on the other hand, IS the vintage look. Its history has given rise to a unique look that authentically reflects the company's past and present. The 2002R is a real retro kick!

Of course, there have been some very successful and highly coveted versions of the shoe. Fresh colorways and hyped collabs have given the sneaker an extra boost. You definitely shouldn't miss out on these!

The New Balance 2002R Protection Pack

This trio has convinced even the last skeptic of the silhouette! In mid-2021, the Rain Cloud, Phantom and New Balance 2002R Sea Salt colorways were released as a combo and have made quite a splash. The kicks look broken in thanks to the torn suede layers and create a real used look. The Protection Pack is now also available in more colorful colorways, such as purple and blue.

New Balance 2002R Atlas Lemon Haze

The clean kick with leather upper and mesh is available in various shades of white and has a real old-school flair. This is not least due to the slightly yellowish elements, which are responsible for the shoe's name. Black highlights emphasize the logo and give the sneaker more character. As a result, this New Balance 2002R is also suitable for men. It is also packed with the best New Balance technology, such as the well-known cushioning technology or N-ERGY.

New Balance 2002R Bone

Another successful New Balance 2002R in beige and brown is the Bone. This kick doesn't have an eye-catching colorway either, but also comes with black accents. The mesh, leather and plastic of the sole are kept in light brown tones and give the shoe an elegant touch.

In addition to the successful colorways, there are of course also hyped collabos. You should definitely check out the collaboration with BAPE, which resulted in a very special sneaker in shades of green and black. But the collabs with Invincible or Bryant Giles also have a huge fan base and are partly responsible for the huge hype surrounding the Kick.

A successful comeback - and rightly so

The NB 2002R is right on trend right now. The kick with dadshoe character, high-quality leather upper and lightweight mesh keeps up with the typical retro look of New Balance and fits perfectly into 90s fashion. The sneaker embodies the running trend of the 80s like no other! However, if its predecessor hadn't been so popular among professional athletes, there probably wouldn't have been a relaunch of the 2002 model. Because quite apart from its vintage look, the shoe has so much more to offer!

The ABZORB midsole ensures that impact forces are absorbed through cushioning and pressure resistance. The N-ERGY system also absorbs shocks and protects the foot. The special heel cushioning provides even more stability and comfort at the back of the foot. And yet another technology is used: thanks to Stability Web technology, the shoe offers optimum arch support, making it the ideal companion for sporting challenges. The shoe is flexible and at the same time offers plenty of support and stability, making it extremely comfortable. The shoe is also easy to buy because it is true to size.

As you can see, there is a lot of ingenious technology behind the Kick. However, the fact that the hype surrounding this shoe went through the roof was probably down to the timing. The Kick dropped onto the market at the height of retro style and dad shoe fashion - and has made its way into the closets of real sneakerheads. Trendy collabs like the one with Salehe Bembury, bold colorways and modern elements make it ready for the street. We like!

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