Bape Sta

Bape Sta

As an icon of hip hop culture in the early 2000s, it was no wonder that the Bape Sta fits right into the current street style hype and is now one of the most popular models. And even if the similarity to the Air Force 1 cannot be denied, the Bape Sta has its very own style: with the eye-catching "Sta" on the side, the striking Ape logo, the special colorways and, of course, the hyped collabos, the fashion brand from Tokyo creates a much more striking look. Find out what's behind the monkey and which styles you should definitely know here.

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The Bape Sta: From hip hop icon to street style hype

The Bape Footprint

The company behind the successful model, A Bathing Ape, was founded back in 1993, making it one of the Japanese streetwear pioneers and its kicks are still in high demand internationally today. The founder of the brand is Nigo, a Japanese designer and musician who, as part of the Teriyaki Boyz, provided the soundtrack to the film "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift". Designwise, he is not only responsible for the Bape Sta and many other brand releases, but is also the lead designer for Pharrell Williams' fashion labels. With his fresh ideas, absolute designer heart and the courage to try something new, Nigo is one of the luminaries.

The release of the OG Bape Sta at the beginning of the 2000s caused quite a stir at the time, as it looked very similar to the Nike Air Force 1 in its basic concept. Nigo probably took his chance and cleverly circumvented Japanese patent law so that he could design a bootleg version of the AF 1. Although he copied the basic structure of the shoe, he put his own stamp on it with the unusual logo, new materials and fresh colorways and both silhouettes still have their own fanbase to this day.

You should know these styles

Like many OG variants, the first Bape Sta model also enjoys cult status. This was due in no small part to hyped collabs with Kanye West, Off-White and KAWS, for example. But variants such as the Bape SK8 Sta or the Bape Sta Low are also among the most sought-after silhouettes in the streetwear scene.

The Sk8 is one of the most popular variants of the OG model, especially as the Bape Sta Low. The slim silhouette and low collar really bring out the eye-catching colorways and different materials. The rubber sole offers grip and is very robust thanks to the material. The blue or black versions of the Bapesta with an upper made from different types of leather are popular.

In addition to the Bape and Kanye West collabo, the "College Dropout", the "Road Sta", a collabo with Nigo's business partner Pharrell Williams, was also a legendary release. The integrated air unit makes the silhouette look much slimmer and sportier. Thanks to the bold choice of colors in bright metallic colorways, the Bapesta shoes released in 2006 look neither old-fashioned nor retro today, but simply stand on their own.

The Bape Court Sta is the successor to the OG version and features the highly coveted camouflage print alongside various types of leather. With comparatively subtle colorways, it stands out from its predecessor and allows the star and the brand's logo to take center stage.

This is what makes the Bape Sta

Of course, the discussion surrounding the copy of the Air Force 1 has fueled the model's fame. However, the Japanese manufacturer has already proven often enough that it has a lot to offer. It's not for nothing that famous collabs such as the releases with Pharrell, Kanye West or Solebox sell out so quickly. The "College Dropout", for example, is one of the most coveted collabos today and is Bape's most valuable sneaker, which you can only get hold of on the resale market with a lot of luck and at hefty prices. But regular colorways are also very popular and often sell out. Of course, this is also due to the limited number of pieces, as the brand has always focused on exclusivity rather than mass production. If you're quick enough, you can get the Bape Sta on StockX or Klekt at the regular resale price. In Germany, the online store Solebox is the best place to buy a Bape Sta, as stores are still few and far between.

Another special feature of the Kick is the fit. Because it's actually not that easy to make a uniform statement here. We are happy to explain why this is the case: over the years, new molds have been made for the model, which has led to many versions of the silhouette turning out differently. Basically, however, you can use the size of the Air Force 1 as a guide. That way, you're more or less on the safe side!

Even though the Bape Sta is not a new silhouette on the sneaker market, it is hyped to no end. This is of course due to the fact that Nigo has created its very own shoe through its customization, which is visually much more striking than its big brother and has its very own style. But it's also down to Bape's exclusivity and the limited quantities, which are always a talking point. If you want to get your hands on a pair of these kicks, you'll have to dig a little deeper into your pocket! Bapesta shoes not only stand out from the models of big brands, they are also something very special among sneakerheads. If you have a pair of the kicks in your closet - well done!

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