Adidas Ultra Boost

Adidas Ultra Boost

We know adidas as a perfectionist: the Franconian company is always striving for more, is rarely truly satisfied and never stands still. And then they suddenly came around the corner with the idea of developing the best running shoe. A shoe that makes them lean back and say: Here it is - it couldn't be better! And then, bam! It's hard to believe, but they actually achieved the impossible - with the adidas Ultra Boost.

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A Runners' Revolution - the adidas Ultra Boost

A shoe that revolutionized running and at the same time shaped street style. A shoe that achieved the best results with innovative technology. And which has made it from professional sport into the closets of sneakerheads, fashionistas and famous stars all over the world. The Ultra Boost is a real phenomenon in the sneaker scene and is still defending its position today - and rightly so. But what is behind the sneaker legend? In this article, we go back to the beginning and introduce you to the special features and the most hyped variants.

A star is born

Of course, adidas could have further optimized existing technologies and used them for the new model. But the sports brand wanted more. It wanted to revolutionize running, it wanted to make runners even better. The idea was to develop a new technology that would help runners regain their energy: The birth of the Boost Shoe.

This idea was followed by years of research and development - with none other than the chemical giant BASF. The result was a sole that resembles polystyrene and consists of many small foam beads, so-called expanded thermoplastic polyurethane. This foam absorbs the runner's energy and returns it to them instead of being swallowed up by the cushioning. Thanks to this rebound effect, the runner requires significantly less energy and can perform better - it is not for nothing that professional runners such as Dennis Kimetto have won numerous races and set world records. In addition to the unique technology, the sneaker offers enormous comfort - a unique running sensation. The sole is soft and responsive at the same time - a unique performance technology.

Before the hyped Ultra Boost, the Energy Boost was launched in 2013. It was the first professional running shoe with the famous Boost midsole and a rather simple design and practical Techfit upper. After the Boost capsules finally achieved success in practice and were celebrated by runners worldwide, it only took two more years for the Ultra Boost to be dropped: A shoe that was also visually poised for success. From its more than successful market launch in running, it quickly made its way into the sneaker scene, where it is still indispensable today. Not only did it look a lot better, it also replaced the midsole with a sole made entirely from Boost capsules. A whole new level!

Over time, the Boost technology was further optimized and also used for other shoes, such as the Yeezy Boost, the Outdoor Boost or the Nite Jogger.

Popular variants of the adidas Ultra Boost

Since its more than successful release, the sneaker has appeared in a variety of colorways and collabs. We've all come to love the Uncaged model, which became popular at adidas due to customization by individual sneakerheads. But the Parley versions are also quite impressive. The Ultra Boost is still one of the top models in the running community today. But it wasn't long before sneakerheads and fashion fans became aware of the shoe and it established itself as a lifestyle sneaker. Special collabos and limited releases such as the Lego version were responsible for this, the Ultraboost Wood Wood or the version with Ivy Park, which made the shoe something special. Other models, such as Stella McCartney's, ensured that the Ultraboost for women in particular gained in importance. We reveal which variants are particularly hyped here.

The adidas Ultraboost 21

The successor to the 2020s version of the Ultra Boost hasn't just been given a quick makeover - it's been taken to the next level. With more Boost, a brand new upper and optimized sole, it offers a significantly better feel. The sole is a third higher than its predecessor and makes the shoe look wider, but the fit remains narrow. The Primeknit upper hugs the foot comfortably and offers really good support at the same time. The three stripes, which are linked to the lacing and also ensure good support at the sides, are partly responsible for this.

The wider sole and narrower upper of the Ultraboost 21 provide significantly more stability and support. The sole at the heel is divided into two parts and therefore absorbs considerably more impact force than its predecessor - a real revolution for runners with a history of Achilles tendon problems. The Linear Energy Push Torsion System in the midsole provides more stability in the forefoot area, making running much safer. This also applies to rain, snow or other weather conditions - the grip is always right.

Even in the 2021 version of the sneaker, adidas scores with sustainability: the majority of the textile parts are made from plastic waste. The so-called Primeblue comes from the collabo between adidas and Parley for the Oceans, which collects plastic waste from the sea. An important step as a global player in the sportswear industry.

The adidas Ultraboost 22

More stability, optimized energy recovery and better support - the Ultraboost 22 combines all of this. It combines comfort with an energetic running sensation, thanks to the Boost midsole and, of course, the further optimized Linear Energy Push System. Despite this explosive peak performance, the Ultraboost 22 provides security, as the outsole made of Continental Better Rubber offers the best grip at all times - regardless of the weather. Comfort is ensured by the soft padding in the heel area and, of course, the Primeknit upper, which fits the foot like a sock. The upper of the 2022 also ensures that the heat of the foot is better dissipated.

The women's version is particularly popular with the female fanbase, as the shoe has been tailored to the female foot. The outsole has been adapted to the running cycle of women and a new last has been created, making the shoe incredibly comfortable. However, special features have also been taken into account for men and the fit has been revised so that it is even better adapted to the respective needs.

This version of the coveted sneaker also comes with an upper made partly from Primeblue and partly from Primeknit material. But that's not all: the outsole is also made from environmentally friendly material, namely natural rubber. The 2022 version of the Ultra Boost is therefore perfectly aligned with the need for sustainability.

The adidas Ultraboost DNA 4.0

The DNA 4.0 is the model for maximum comfort - while maintaining the best Boost technology, of course. The fit is reminiscent of the comfort of socks and the breathable Primeknit material gives you a pleasant and free feeling. This model is also slightly lighter than other versions, which makes it even more comfortable. The Boost beads ensure a smooth roll-off and optimum energy return. At the same time, the shoe provides perfect support, as the area around the midfoot is reinforced and the heel cap is stabilized. This Ultraboost is particularly popular in white or black, the classic sneaker colorways. The successor, the DNA 5.0, places even more emphasis on the use of recycled materials, but does not compromise on the tried-and-tested Boost technology. Here, too, the focus is on performance and comfort, which is definitely provided by the Primeknit and the pre-shaped Fitcounter heel counter.

Another popular version is the Ultraboost DNA Web. This version already stands out visually, as the famous Boost midsole is hidden behind a kind of grid. Technically, this shoe uses tried-and-tested technologies.

The adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged

The name alone made the launch of the Ultra Boost Uncaged a legend. But of course, the kicks don't disappoint on the visual and technical side either. A few months before the actual release, there was already an "Uncaged" version as a collabo with Solebox. The version is elegant and bold at the same time: light gray Primeknit meets suede details - the red outsole provides the visual dynamics.

This success was followed by the Ultra Boost Uncaged, in which a reinforcement of the area around the midfoot replaced the cage with the three stripes. This meant that the shoe lost none of its stability and still looked freer and slimmer. The flat laces also ensure that the shoe looks much more minimalist overall than the OG version. The entry into the shoe is once again reminiscent of socks and the upper encloses the foot without constricting it. This transition was deliberately chosen by the design team and fits perfectly into the streetwear segment. The development of the Uncaged took around 20 months, which was mainly used to develop an alternative option for stability.

In the meantime, there are many hyped variants of the Uncaged on the market. One of them is the adidas Uncaged Parley collabo - the first mass-produced shoe made largely from recycled material. The upper, for example, is made from 95% recycled ocean plastic, but the heel cap and laces are also made from recycled materials. Visually, the shoe is fresh and minimalist: the heel features subtle embroidery reminiscent of waves and the "Parley" lettering.

Popular colorways of the silhouette are the Grey Two, Chinese New Year and, of course, the Uncaged Black and White. For those who prefer something a little more unusual, there is the Ultra Boost Uncaged Linen Khaki or the Pink White.

A running shoe grown up

The Boost technology has been a milestone for adidas from the very beginning - and with each successor to the Ultra Boost OG, they have taken it to the next level and become even better and more professional. With every release, we thought we'd reached the end of the line - and then the successor came along and proved us wrong. The Boost technology is now so sophisticated that it is also used for many other models. The Ultra Boost is seen as a role model - and has really come of age.

Lightweight was the focus of the Ultra Boost right from the start. If you've ever worn one of the hyped sneakers, you'll know exactly what we're talking about. Thanks to the special sole technology, it's like walking on clouds. This applies not only to a leisurely shopping trip, but also to a professional sprint or a marathon. Together with BASF, adidas developed the Boost midsole, a completely new foam material that provides maximum cushioning step for step. Countless small capsules absorb the runner's energy and return it to the foot - completely independent of temperature and surface. But of course adidas is not satisfied with just the Boost midsole. The Stretchweb outsole made of Continental rubber also guarantees good rolling behavior and the best traction. This combination creates a sole technology that offers optimum grip in all weather conditions. But that's not all the technology in this shoe. The heel cap is also a real plus for the running community and relieves the pressure on the Achilles heel caused by the stride. Another gimmick that prevents overloading or incorrect loading.

Thanks to the textile upper, the sole construction and the three stripes, the Ultraboost provides optimum support while still allowing flexible movements. Lacing the laces is almost superfluous, as the seamless Primeknit upper encloses your foot perfectly. Even though the shoe now looks wider due to the sole, it is true to size. It is comparable to other adidas models such as the Stan Smith or the adidas Forum, while the Nike is the Air Force 1, the reference model for the Ultra Boost.

It's obvious: whether sneakerhead, professional athlete or fashionista - no one can avoid a pair of the coveted adidas Ultra Boost. There is something for every taste: whether you are a fan of futuristic styles, like it simple or prefer an eye-catching colorway or unusual material - the Ultra Boost is as individual as you are! What is always the same, however, is that every single model comes with the best possible technology. And that's exactly what makes the Ultra Boost one of the best sneakers ever!

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