Dunk Low

Dunk Low

The Nike Dunk Low has been one of the most popular models of the new generation of sneakers for at least two years. Almost everyone who is even remotely interested in sneakers has taken a liking to the silhouette. So it's no wonder that you too are currently looking for a colorway that reflects you and your style. All current and future Nike Dunk Low releases are clearly summarized on this page. Whether for men or women. Simply click on your favorite model and find out directly in which of our partner stores your favorite Dunk is still available.

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The history of the Nike Dunk Low

The silhouette itself was born back in the 80s. The well-known Nike designer Peter Moore was in charge of creating the model back then. The Nike Dunk High first debuted on the basketball court and quickly became one of the most popular shoes among players in the NBA. In the 90s, the first big skateboarding boom followed and even made a brief appearance in the movie "School Daze", which also starred Spike Lee. Many skateboarders discovered the model's potential for skating, which was probably mainly due to the midsole, the shape and the cushioning of the silhouette. Nike recognized this and was clever enough to take advantage of the hype and launch its own franchise, Nike SB, just for skateboarding.


In order to get the hype train rolling for good, Nike made an intelligent move in 2020. Travis Scott, a musician who has been polarizing for years, was allowed to launch his own Nike SB Dunk Low with Nike Skateboarding. The model was naturally in high demand and quickly fetched a four-figure sum on the secondary market. To this day, the Nike Dunk Low by Travis Scott is one of the most popular models of the new SB Dunk hype.

The most popular general release of the Dunk Low

In recent times, it has become clear that the Panda Dunk Low is probably the most popular Dunk on the market. The Panda Dunk can be seen almost everywhere and is very hard to get, as it is always completely sold out as soon as it drops at one of our partners. But the UNC, Syracuse and all other college dunks are also very popular. If you don't want to miss out on a possible restock of the models, simply switch on the push notifications in our free app.

In case you didn't know, the other highlights of recent years naturally also include the limited releases from Ben & Jerry's, OFF-WHITE, Grateful Dead and, of course, Supreme.

How does the Nike Dunk Low turn out?

The question of how the Nike Dunk Low turns out is very easy to answer. The Dunk is just like its big brother, the Air Force 1. So it's best to take your normal size. If you like it a little more airy, you can also go up half a size. However, you should never take the Dunk smaller, because "otherwise the shoe will pinch".

Where can I buy the Nike Dunk Low?

Although the silhouette is always in high demand, it is now easier to buy a Nike Dunk Low. The model is available in good sizes and variations in the Nike online store, at JD Sports and Foot Locker. Small stores such as Overkill and asphaltgold are also often involved and have models such as the Court Purple and the Panda Dunk at the start. As I said, it's best to just click through this overview and get a little inspiration.

Cleaning the Nike Dunk Low - how to do it

To make sure you get the most out of your Dunk, you should clean your sneakers regularly and at least remove coarse dirt. There are various sneaker cleaners on the market, all of which have proven their worth over the years. Just take a look around or send us a message if you'd like us to make a recommendation for your Nike Dunk.

Don't want to miss any more Dunk releases?

All the hyped Dunk releases are always sold out immediately! We can help with that! To make sure you don't miss anything in the future, we advise you to download our free app for the latest sneaker releases . This way, you'll always get all the news sent directly to your mobile device. If you have any other questions, you can of course also reach us on our social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook.

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