Adidas ZX 8000

Adidas ZX 8000

The adidas ZX 8000 is a must-have for enthusiasts, especially in the aqua colorway. If you consider yourself a respectable adidas collector, you'll buy the OG ZX 8000 with every re-release and ideally still have the very first one in your closet. Here you can find an overview of all current adidas ZX 8000 models:

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Which adidas ZX 8000 colorways are available to buy?

The most famous colorway on the shoe is, as mentioned above, the aqua. Furthermore, retailers, designers and even David Beckham have also taken it upon themselves to create their own version of the shoe. Let's start with the guys from Overkill. Marc & Co not only had a huge adidas ZX 8000 Aqua drive across the Spree at the end of last year, but also launched a collabo on the ZX 8000. The No Walls Needed Pack x Overkill includes 4 individual shoes that can be combined as desired. The details, such as laces and lace jewels, can also be changed according to preference. The collabo celebrates 30 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall and is intended to stand for boundlessness. Wear the shoes however you want and make of them what you want.

The Asian fashion brand Juun.J reinterpreted the retro runner and turned it into a high top with a leather upper and Velcro fastening on the collar. Unfortunately, you don't often see the model on the street, which is a bit of a shame.

A collabo that was created in 2009 with soccer superstar David Beckham and James Bond from Undefeated was particularly surprising. A total of two colorways were created, which seem to be quite rare. The yellow/orange adidas ZX 8000 x David Beckham x James Bond is available on StockX for 1.6 K. A total of 2 pairs are offered on the platform.

Why should you finally buy a pair of this adidas shoe?

In addition to the cool retro design, the sneaker also has plenty of comfort to offer.

The upper material is breathable and the EVA sole, which is true to the original, ensures a comfortable step to this day. One of the biggest technological advances that the ZX series brought with it was the Torsion system, which never lets you down in terms of support and stability.

Where can you buy the adidas ZX 8000?

You can of course get the shoe at adidas and other retailers such as 43einhalb, Overkill, Asphaltgold, etc. The Aqua OG was only recently re-released and, with a bit of luck, can still be bought here and there. If you're interested in one of the older models, it gets a little more complicated. Unfortunately, many of the collabos with Undefeated, Mita, Amos and co. are not that easy to find. But with a bit of luck and skill, you can definitely find one or two older styles of the ZX 8000.

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