New Balance 9060

New Balance 9060

We're back with a fresh review of one of our all-time favorite sneakers: the New Balance 9060. This bad boy stands out from the crowd with its fresh design and awesome fit. Make yourself comfortable and read on to find out more about the model.

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A sneaker that simply rocks

The New Balance 9060 is awesome when it comes to a cool and sophisticated design. It comes in a variety of colors and materials, but the New Balance 9060 Sea Salt deserves a special mention. With its chilled salt tone, it simply stands out. Also the New Balance 9060 in gray, Beige and Black leaves nothing to be desired and goes with almost everything you have in your wardrobe.

Who's behind the design

The NB 9060 is the work of a designer who knows what's going on. Okay, his exact name and birthday are a well-kept secret, but we do know one thing: This guy or lady has a long and successful career in shoe design and has designed some of the most famous models for New Balance.

Fit and comfort check

One question we get asked time and time again is: how do New Balance 9060s turn out? The answer is easy: Just like all other New Balance models - true to size (TTS). So if you rock the Air Force 1 in your size, you can be sure that the NB 9060 will fit the same way. So no need to stress about a smaller or larger size.

What's up with the colors and styles

As mentioned, the New Balance 9060 Sea Salt is pretty much the most sought-after model. Its minimalist design and understated colorway make it look good with almost anything. The gray and beige variants are also mega popular, and the black one rocks especially with the girls.

What makes the shoe special?

Aside from its cool design, the NB 9060 also has a few features that set it apart from other sneakers. One highlight is the materials, which are both robust and comfortable. And not to forget: There are only a limited number of these shoes available, which makes them even more exclusive.

Our verdict on the New Balance 9060

Whether you're just looking for new kicks for everyday wear or want to expand your sneaker collection, the New Balance 9060 is definitely a top choice. With its variety of colors, comfortable fit and unique design, it's no wonder this shoe has quickly become a classic. If you want to grab a pair, don't hesitate too long - they could be gone before you know it!

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