Yeezy 500

Yeezy 500

The YEEZY 500 was the first from the line without a Boost midsole. It arrived for the first time in 2018, the colorway was called Blush and signaled a new direction for YEEZY. Until then, we only knew the 750 and the 350, but the 500 was different! It's chunky and somehow oversized, but looks incredibly fresh. The 500 is practically the spearhead of the dad shoe and, hand on heart, worth buying. So far, we've only seen the curvy sneaker in monochrome colors, which suits it exceptionally well. The combination of different materials also brings a mix of textures to the surface, to which you can add a little salt and pepper. You know, that certain something. You can find out more about the YEEZY 500, what's already been released and what's coming soon on this page:

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In which versions is the Yeezy 500 available?

The Yeezy 500 is already available on the market in several versions and with various colorways. You can also buy the high version of the Yeezy 500. The high version can be recognized in particular by the high shaft.

As already mentioned, the sneaker is currently only available in monochrome colourways. Blush, salt, utility black - even the midsoles have no color contrast. Nevertheless, the Yeezy 500 looks great, not least because of the detailed upper. Speaking of the monochrome, not only has the silhoutte of the High version been extended, but a few more colors have been added here and there.

What we didn't see on the regular 500s, we get on the Hi. The Shale Warm and the Mist Slate all come with 2 to 3 shades and the Frosted Blue feels colorful already. Well, actually, in this case you're buying a shoe in three colors, which are also arranged in a very contrasting way. That's still wild for the model. Let's see if the YEEZY 500 really will be colorful.

Where can you buy the Yeezy 500?

In this case, the secondary market is definitely an option. If you missed out on the release, you don't have to dig too deep into your pockets to buy the missed pair of YEEZY 500s on resale. You can always check StockX and Klekt here. The sneaker is also dropping in retail. You can get the current or new styles at YEEZY, adidas and other stores such as Solebox, Asphaltgold and co. The YEEZY 500 is currently not available at Snipes and similar chains.

You can find out when the next YEEZY 500 release is due and where you can buy them here at

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