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Nike Huarache

Do you want to buy an Air Huarache or are you looking for a specific Nike Air Huarache model? Then you've come to the right place, because on this page you'll find a clear overview of all the new styles and colorways. Take a look around!

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Need a hug? The hype surrounding the Nike Air Huarache

"Have you hugged your foot today?" -

The Nike Huarache went down in sneaker history with this advertising slogan in 1991, even if the big hype was a while in coming. With a new style, uncompromising technology and retro charm, the Swoosh made the silhouette a favorite among sneakerheads and a coveted collector's item over the next few years. With modern elements, fresh colorways and a nineties vibe, the sneakers are still absolutely successful today. A shoe that stands out

In this article, you can find out what's behind the Nike Huarache, why the silhouette is so popular and who is responsible for it - let's go!

Big hug - big history

In addition to the drop of the Air Max 90, there was another highlight from Nike in the early nineties: the Huarache. The silhouette was created by the well-known designer Tinker Hatfield, who had previously been known for classic and clean looks. For the Huarache, Hatfield was inspired by water sports and "huaraches". The latter are sandals from South America with a thin leather sole that are traditionally laced up to fit every foot.

The advertising slogan - probably one of the most successful Nike campaigns ever - is aimed at a very special feature of the model: a kind of neoprene sock has been incorporated into the running shoe, which hugs the foot and ensures extremely high comfort - a real "hug" for the foot!

So that the shoe didn't just take off as a lifestyle sneaker, Nike pushed it in the running segment and distributed it to a number of athletes - with success! Over the years, countless popular collabos and new colorways followed, as well as some very successful comebacks of the OG variants. Today, the sneaker is one of the most popular models of the Swoosh. Who would have thought that in 1991?

Hyped Huarache models

In addition to the neoprene inner shoe, the Nike Air Huarache models have one thing in common: they lack the familiar Swoosh. Nike's mastermind Hatfield deliberately chose this in order to focus on technology and design. He wanted to create a performance shoe for runners - without any distractions. Over the years, the sneaker has also become increasingly popular for women with the Nike Huarache women's models such as the Ultra. Nike owes this in particular to the comfortable feel created by the inner shoe. One thing to bear in mind, however: the kick is smaller as a result. If you have a high instep, we recommend choosing a whole size larger. Otherwise, half a size is usually enough. In addition to the fit, all models naturally offer the usual cushioning and unique design. Here we reveal which styles are particularly hyped.

Nike Huarache All White - All Black

The Nike Huarache black and Nike Huarache white are among the absolute classics. And the name All White / All Black lives up to its promise - the shoe is monochrome down to the last detail. It's not just the classic model that is in high demand, but also less chunky silhouettes such as the Huarache NM. These colorways stand for clean design and contrast somewhat with the eye-catching retro style of the shoe - and that's exactly what makes them so popular!

Nike Huarache Scream Green

The Huarache Scream Green is a fave for all vintage collectors! This colorway is one of the OG styles and had a relaunch 30 years after its debut, which many have been eagerly awaiting. The sneaker with a white upper features blue and bright green elements that gave it its name. There is also a material mix of leather and neoprene, a black sole and a black and green strap. How to make a comeback!

Nike Huarache Bright Mango

Like the Scream Green, this colorway is also retro af! The white leather is combined with purple and orange accents in neoprene and a black sole. The strap is black and orange and, together with the perforated upper, adds a sporty touch. The colorful neoprene bootie is also a real highlight. Bright Mango may not have the same status as Scream Green, but it definitely belongs in every good sneaker collection!

The sneaker of the millennials

From running shoe to icon: in addition to its technical features, the Nike Air Huarache is also a visual masterpiece. The deliberate omission of the otherwise so present Swoosh caused a stir and put the sneaker directly in the spotlight. The rubber strap on the sole and, of course, the fresh colorways give the shoe a nineties vibe. Tinker Hatfield also innovated in terms of materials, using neoprene, for example. With the matching advertising slogan, he triggered a real hype. Together with the Air sole technology, the neoprene inner shoe makes the Huarache super comfortable and a real everyday sneaker. 

To this day, the shoe stands for uncompromising innovation, authentic design and a retro vibe. With countless variations and collabs that have always reflected the spirit of the times, the Nike Huarache is one of the most popular sneakers in Nike's history. So need a hug?

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