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The history of Presto

The first prototype of the Nike Presto was developed back in 1996. However, it was not until 2000, about four years later, that the Presto was introduced to the masses and immediately became one of the best-selling shoes of its era. The marketing for the silhouette alone was very special. For example, the Presto was marketed and advertised as a “T-shirt for the foot”.

How does the Presto fit?

In the past, the model was actually available in sizes from XS to XXL. However, since there were always problems with the end consumer regarding the size, the sizes were changed to US or EU sizes a few years ago. You can take your normal size for the Presto, as you are used to from your other sneakers.

How many different versions of the Nike Presto are there?

The question is actually not so easy to answer, because over the years Nike has launched various variations of the silhouette. Even the popular Flyknit material was tried out on a mid-cut silhouette. With the brand ACRONYM there was an extremely sought-after collabo partner for this, which has once again raised the hype around the model to a new level.

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