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What versions are available of the Bape Sta?

The OG Bape Sta, which is the subject of this page, is of course the so-called Godfather of the Bape sneaker family. Over the years, however, other models such as the Sk8 and various Low & Mid variations have appeared, which of course were available in all possible colorways and variations.

What collabos are there on the model? Where can I buy the Bape Sta?

Due to its uncomplicated design, the model is basically a good basis for all kinds of collaborations. For example, musician Kanye West has already immortalized himself on the silhouette, as have JJJJound and most recently Solebox. Vendors like StockX or Klekt carry the sneaker quite normally at resell prices on their websites. In the retail sector, you can buy it from Solebox – as long as all sizes are not out of stock, because almost all colorways on the model are in high demand.

How does the model turn out?

The question of sizing is actually not so easy to answer. We would like to explain why this is so: over the years, new tools have been made for the model, which has led to many versions of the silhouette turning out differently. Basically, you can orientate yourself on your size of the Air Force 1. With this you are more or less on the safe side!

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