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The “Most Popular” category on StockX has given us a lot of pleasure many times now. We are just too curious about what is currently going on with StockX buyers. And we are sure: you too. Our top 10 list keeps getting longer. Among other things, we already have the top 10 Jordan 1 Low , Nike SB Dunks , Sneaker of all brands, supreme , the top 10 Sneaker under retail and the top 10 Yeezy Cap written in hoodies. This time we show you for the top 10 Supreme Box Logo items on StockX. Check out all parts here in the post or always updated on StockX:

We realize that some of you are thinking that the hype surrounding Supreme has died down. But whether you like it or not, Supreme remains relevant. Especially when it comes to reselling and Box Logos to be precise. On December 8th, a series of Box Logo Crewnecks came online and almost all of them were sold more than 100 times in 24 hours. And, kindly, StockX is super transparent when it comes to sales numbers. Of course they're not as huge as they used to be, but they're still interesting. If Supreme still seems too expensive to you in resale, you can also check the “Below Retail” category and filter by Supreme. You will surely find something there. There are also some mega good parts there.

For those who don't know, StockX's “Most Popular Products” list the items that have been sold the most in the last 72 hours. We find that super interesting. Because tastes often differ, obviously. Here are the top 10 Supreme pieces, the pictures are linked:

Supreme Box Logo Crewneck (FW22) Black

Supreme box logo

We were not surprised about this place 1. It was clear to us that the black box logo would be number 1. It has sold 500 copies in the last 24 hours since it was released. Violent.

Box Logo Crewneck (FW22) Heather Grey

Supreme box logo

The gray crewneck took second place with over 270 sales.

Crewneck (FW22) Dark Pine

The Pine Green Crewneck has over 200 sales. After the black one, this is our favorite crewneck. The color is great.

Box Logo Crewneck (FW22) Zebra

Supreme box logo

The craziest crewneck is this one. That's why it was only sold 129 times. We celebrate it anyway.

Crew Neck (FW22) Brown

The brown crewneck was sold 121 times.

Crewneck (FW22) Cardinal

106 sales go to the Cardinal Colourway.

Supreme Box Logo Crewneck (FW22) Blue

Supreme box logo

The blue one was only sold 95 times.

Crewneck (FW22) Pale Yellow

The yellow one was only bought 64 times.

Supreme Chicago Box Logo Tee White

Supreme box logo

The Supreme Chicago Store opened in November 2022. And of course there was a t-shirt. This time with a silver box logo. The shirt also made it into our Box Logo Top 10 and was sold a total of over 800 times. However, we have no information on the sales in the last 72 hours.

Tiffany & Co. Box Logo Tee White

Supreme box logo

Even though the Tiffany box logo came out on 11/11/2021, it's still in the top 10. That's because so few box logos have come out lately. Except for the 8 crewnecks on December 8th, 2022. It has been sold over 2000 times in total.

What are you waiting for? Grab your top 10 Supreme Box Logo items on StockX. The prices are okay. At least partially. So if you need something new from Supreme, check out StockX and get yourself some. If you prefer to buy your sneakers or clothes directly and therefore don't want to miss anything anymore, check our release calendar or our free app .

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Supreme box logo

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