The most popular top 10 Jordan 1 Low on StockX

Top 10 Jordan 1 Low

Jordans are and will remain on everyone's lips. Whether high or low, demand remains high. Sure, it varies, but the silhouette will always be an issue – whether you like it or not. Some prefer the low version, others the high version. We asked ourselves what are currently the most popular top 10 Jordan 1 Low on Stock X. Of course, this is easy to find out and we have summarized them for you here.

StockX's “Most Popular Products” list the items that have been sold the most in the last 72 hours. Very interesting, at least for us. Because tastes differ a lot. We were surprised by a few models, but not by all of them. But we won't keep you in suspense for too long. Here are the most popular top 10 Jordan 1 Low over the last 72 hours, the pictures are linked:

Nike Jordan 1 Low Shadow Toe

Top 10 Jordan 1 Low

The Low Shadow Toe pays homage to the OG High. Clear. It's currently in 1st place and has been sold 333 times in the last 72 hours, isn't it? Simple but good colourway. The price is ok. We understand that the sneaker is bought so often.

bred toe

Yes, the Jordan 1 Low Bred Toe is a 1:1 copy of its OG big brother, so we understand everyone's into the colourway. Has been sold a whopping 301 times in the last three days. Chapeau. It definitely belongs in the top 10 for us too.

Jordan 1 Inside Out White Phantom

Top 10 Jordan 1 Low

Virgil Abloh – Rest in Power – has influenced all sneaker designers. Since his The Ten collection, we've seen a lot more Inside Out designs. This is also the case with this Jordan 1 Low. Pretty shoe. He makes 3rd place with over 280 sales. We think it's good. There aren't too many sizes, so watch out if you want the sneaker.

EX Black Smoke Gray

The Air Jordan 1 Low OG EX comes with a mix of materials that is not typical of the Jordan 1. The upper is made of nylon and visible foam. Only on the heels we find a little smooth leather. Good design is just something different. Over 190 sold in the last few days. Clear recommendation on our part.

Jordan 1 Retro Travis Scott Reverse Mocha

Top 10 Jordan 1 Low

Of course, a Travis Scott Jordan 1 Low must also be in this top 10. 5th place, we thought we'd see it sooner. Well, the price is still steep. But of course it's very beautiful, although we're not the biggest fans of reverse colourways. Despite the price, the Travis Jordan has been sold over 150 times in the last 72 hours. Violent.

Marina Blue (W)

The Marina Blue is simply a beautiful colourway. Not much tam tam just blue and white. We think it's very good and we're celebrating that this design is currently in the top 10. At this point there is a fat “Duh” for the women's sizing. We need unisex fit, always.

Jordan 1 Low SE Homage White Black (W)

The SE Homage White Black celebrates two colourways. Black and white on the outside and reverse colourway on the inside. Simple shoe and still eye-catching. Not our absolute favourite, but we can understand why the demand is so high.

Jordan 1 Low Bulls

Top 10 Jordan 1 Low

We don't really need to say much about the colourway: traditional Chicago Bulls red and white with touches of black on the laces and ankles. Of course we would all have been happier if the heel had also been red. But as the saying goes: You can't have everything. The prices are ok.

bleached coral

Top 10 Jordan 1 Low

We hadn't seen the Jordan 1 Bleached Coral like this before the release. Nike uses the color name more often, but exactly the colourway hasn't come out yet. The color blocking comes in black, “bleached coral” aka pink and white, i.e. black toe. The pink elements are made of suede and look pretty high quality on the first pictures. Beautiful design, is currently one of our top 10.

Retro Low OG Black Dark Powder Blue (UNC)

What would a Jordan Top 10 be without a UNC colourway? Right, none. It's only number 10, but the colourway has been sold over 90 times in the last few days. Nice colouray.

Don't wait any longer and grab your favorite Jordan 1 Low on StockX. The prices are really okay.

So if you need a new Jordan 1 Low, check out StockX and get one. If you prefer to buy your Top 10 Jordan 1 Low directly and therefore don't want to miss anything anymore, check our release calendar or our free app .

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