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Mint / Grey

With the adidas NMD S1 Mint, we can look forward to a new NMD that also sets new accents in its design. You can already find all the important release information about the latest NMD in this post.

The adidas NMD is one of adidas' perennial favorites. Over the years, the silhouette has gained a lot of fans. A big plus are the different revised NMD models that have come out again and again over the last few years. Expected with the new mint colorway is a wavy rubber coating that takes place directly under the sole.

The sock-like upper construction consists of a mesh base in grey/beige. Directly underneath is a rubbery material that comes in a mint tone. Following on from this is the NMD sole, which is made from a slightly translucent rubber designed in the same mint tone as parts of the upper.

When can I buy the adidas sneaker?

Unfortunately, there is no official release date for the adidas NMD S1 Mint yet. Basically, very little information about the NMD S1 Mint has leaked out and official pictures are still a long way off. You know the game from us, as soon as we have concrete information, we will update this post for you and the Mint will end up in our Upcoming. What could definitely help you to get the NMD S1 for retail is our free Dead Stock App for smartphones.

We've built a feature into the app that lets you get notified before your favorite sneakers drop. To do this, use the bell to select a time at which you would like to be reminded of a push message on your mobile phone. So nothing stands in the way of an easy cop and you can secure some of your favorite sneakers in the future.

Where can I buy the adidas NMD S1 Mint?

Although it will take a while before the adidas NMD will be available in our shops, you can save this overview for later. When the time has come and the drop is imminent, all shops and stores where you can get the Mint for a retail price of 180.00 euros will be linked here. If you use this overview, you will certainly increase your chance of purchasing the sneaker with item number GZ9798.

But it can be assumed that at least the adidas online store will confirm the release of the adidas NMD S1 Mint. Certainly one or the other retailer will also decide to offer the sneaker in their own store. We will then link all of the shops that you can buy from in our release overview.

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