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22 adidas Superstar Sneakers already released

To this day, the Superstar is a classic that became known primarily through its proliferation in the American music scene. The rappers from Run DMC, for example, dedicated the song “My Adidas” to the model on the album “Raising Hell” in 1986. The brand from Herzogenaurach then signed the three boys from Run DMC.

How does the adidas Superstar fit? 

Compared to other models, the adidas Superstar is slightly larger. So if you wear rather thicker tennis socks everything is fine and you do not need to pay attention to anything else. Otherwise, you should consider whether you want to take a half size smaller than “normal”.

Are there any other models similar to adidas Superstar?

Over the years, the Superstar has undergone one or two updates. Primeknit, Futurecraft – the list is actually quite long and new technologies or materials are always being added. However, the regular shelltoe Superstar has always been the classic and probably always will be. Just take a look at the models listed here and get inspired by the different styles.

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