New Balance 2002R Cream

01/11/23 - 12:00 AM

New Balance 2002R Cream


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Creme / White / Grey

The New Balance 2002R Cream is online in some shops. We link you here in the article to all shops where you can buy the 2002R. All further information about the shoe can be found here.

The New Balance 2002R has had a steep career in the last 2 years since the release of the Protection Pack. Rightly so, because the silhouette is incredibly comfortable and goes with almost every style. So New Balance made the right decision to bring back the technical running favorite from the 2000s. Since then, the 2002R has actually belonged back in almost every well-stocked shoe cabinet. The 2002R Creme comes with a mix of materials: canvas, smooth leather and suede. The colors on the upper range from cream to off-white to caramel and blue. The design is rounded off with a black outsole.

When can you buy the sneaker?

The New Balance 2002R Creme went online a few days ago and can still be bought in all linked shops. If your size is already gone and you want to know about such information directly in the future, it is best to follow the following tip:

Download the free Dead Stock app , favorite your favorite shoe with the flame emoji and set a reminder with the bell. In addition, you should definitely activate the notifications, because if the shoe appears as a surprise drop, we will send you a push message directly on your mobile phone.

Where can I buy the New Balance 2002R cream?

If you want to buy the new New Balance 2002R Creme, item number M2002REC, you can already do so in some well-known shops. In our overview we have of course linked you all. You should hurry, because the good sizes won't be in stock for a long time. Incidentally, the price varies significantly in some shops, but some offer the New Balance for 159.95 euros.

For future releases, download the app, simply turn on notifications for the app, and then favorite your favorite releases. Enjoy wearing the New Balance 2002R Creme!

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  • New Balance 2002R Creme
  • New Balance 2002R Creme
  • New Balance 2002R Creme
  • New Balance 2002R Creme
  • New Balance 2002R Cream

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