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Why should you buy an Air Max 95?

If you have an affinity for sneakers and especially design, the AM 95 is the right choice. Why this is so, we explain in detail below.

The 95 comes from the pen of Sergio Lozano. The trained industrial designer was to bring a breath of fresh air into the Air Max line and successfully mastered this. The midsole, the branding, the upper construction, the fade; the style was ahead of its time and had an impact on the streetwear scene.

The aesthetic of the Air Max from 1995 was inspired by the human body: The layers on the upper represent muscle fibers and the nylon lacing holes, on the other hand, represent ribs. The spine also takes place on the sneaker, namely in the form of the midsole.

Speaking of the midsole, the ’95 was the first running shoe to release it in black – another first, for the industry at the time.

The branding was kept subtle on the sneaker, so as not to distract from the rest of the design. On the gray-black upper, a mini Swoosh in the Volt colorway was placed on the lateral heel and that’s it. No huge logo on the side panel or otherwise but only a small Swoosh in bright green and a few other accents.

Meanwhile, this shoe is an icon and a milestone in the history of sneakers.

Where can you buy the Air Max 95?

It’s actually available almost everywhere you can get sneakers. You can buy the 95 at streetwear chains like Snipes, Foot Locker and Co. You can also get the shoe at stores like Asphaltgold and 43einhalb. It may well be that one of the colorways you have in your sights is not available at the retail chains. This is then due to the distribution strategy behind the product and how limited the edition was kept. An example of the latter is the collaboration with atmos. The style is currently only available at second chance platforms and costs sometimes more, sometimes less. If you want to buy an Air Max 95 Animal, you can expect to pay more than 500 euros.

How often are Air Max 95 released?

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