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What is the Dead Stock sneaker blog?

We started the Dead Stock Sneakerblog in 2013. After Christopher started his project alone, Christopher's team now consists of more than four people and has grown from a blog, through a collector's passion, to a platform with its own clothing brand and app.

In addition to the channels on Instagram , Facebook and Pinterest , the content, the news and the release information can also be found in the Dead Stock app . Here, sneakerheads can use push notifications to be reminded of the releases they have in mind or get inspiration for sneakers, streetwear and lifestyle.

Our projects

As already mentioned, our Movement is no longer just a blog or a news platform. We have grown and are also working on projects such as the Jägermeister streetwear launch or popular sneaker releases . The blog is a partner for many shops and brands from the cosmos of the sneaker and streetwear industry.

If you have been following the Dead Stock Sneakerblog for a long time and surf, you know that we deliver editorials, videos and photos as well as news and information about sneaker and streetwear releases. So if you want to stay in touch with us more visually and see what's going on, you should follow us on Instagram. There are also pictures, also on our Pinterest channel. If you would like to stay informed and need links to the Hypereleases, you can download the Dead Stock App . The main service it offers is the push function, in which you will be notified of all updates related to the sneaker game. You can find a little bit of everything on Facebook .

Our Brand Dead Stuff

Another project that is very close to our hearts at Dead Stock is our clothing brand Dead Stuff . We celebrate designing clothes and continue to put a lot of time and effort into offering styles that look cool and are of good quality. We launched Dead Stuff in 2017 and since then we have made various items of clothing such as socks, shirts but also gadgets such as lighters and even art prints.

The Dead Stock Sneaker App

With the app we bring the sneaker world to your mobile phone. We don't mean that you'll experience us 24/7, but that we'll support you in the hunt for the releases and provide you with some inspo. You have all interesting releases from the sneaker and streetwear cosmos at a glance and you can find every available shop in seconds. In addition, the alerts on all updates, restocks, unplanned shockdrops and your desired drops etc. keep you up to date.

Get all the information straight to your phone! If you don't want to miss any more releases, you should download the Dead Stock app and turn on the push notifications.

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