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Have you always wanted to know what exactly Size Tag means or what it actually is? No problem, in our exclusive sneaker lexicon we explain almost all the terms of our beloved sneaker scene. And if you can't find a term, please write us a message and we will help you immediately! 

The size tag is the small label located on the inside of the tongue of the sneaker. All important information such as size, production year, production location and item number are noted on the sizetag. Sometimes you have to search inside the sneaker until you find the tag. Normally, however, every sneaker has such a tag - for legal reasons alone.

Pro tip: The article number is often incorrect on fakes. Other details are also often not copied well, making it easier for us to recognize a fake. So pay attention if you like to buy sneakers from private individuals.

As always, you can find more information from the sneaker and fashion world on our other channels. You can also check out our free app to stay up to date in the future. If you have any questions for us, you can easily reach us via the message function of the respective channel.

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