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  • Das Hypebeast Gramps sitzt auf einer Treppe

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Have you always wanted to know what exactly hypebeast means or what it actually is? No problem, in our exclusive sneaker lexicon we explain almost all the terms in the scene. And if you can't find a term, just write us a message and we'll help you right away!

Hypebeasts are those who only stock up on products that have hype - in other words, products that are particularly limited and in high demand. You can often recognize a hypebeast by their Supreme accessories, their limited edition Jordan 1 sneakers and their outfit from Fear of God or Heron Preston. Hypebeasts like to adorn themselves with big logos and take the latest trends in the scene with them, which is often associated with large investments.

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  • Eine Gruppe Hypebeasts die zusammen abhängen
  • Zwei Hypebeasts unterhalten sich
  • Eine Frau läuft mit gehypten riesen Stiefeln über die Straße
  • Der italienische Rapper Fedez ist ein Hypebeast, er posiert mit der gesamten Louis Vuitton x Supreme Kollektion

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