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The ZOOM '92 x UNION LA is another sneaker from the collection to join the Jordan 4 and the Jordan Delta Mid.

For Chris Gibbs, the owner of UNION LA, there has always been a direct link between basketball culture and streetwear. So it makes sense that the shoe resulting from the renewed collaboration between Jordan and UNION LA reflects the feelings and emotions of Jordan beyond the arena. This version once again visualizes the efforts of both brands to take a holistic look at the late 80s and early 90s, defined by advertising, music, street style and, of course, some magical competition moments, with the design of the shoe.

The new Jordan Zoom '92 was made for Gibbs' collection, as he saw in this model the perfect symbiosis of Jordan and streetwear history. "The Zoom '92 is a potpourri of past Jordan and Nike designs," says Gibbs. "I love how everything comes together in this shoe." The silhouette features design elements inspired by three classic shoes worn by Michael Jordan in 1992: Air Jordan 7, Air Max 180 and Air Force 5. The AJ7 is echoed in the split upper, with a translucent layered look for detail and recognizable depth. The pre-shaped patent heel features an AJ7-inspired "9" badge, while visible Air technology and material elements inspired by the AM180 and AF5 can be seen on the forefoot and eyelet area.

When can I buy the ZOOM '92 x UNION LA?

The official release date of the Jordan x Union LA is already this week, exactly on September 30, 2020. The release was at 9:00 a.m. in the Nike online store or in the SNKRS app.

Where can I buy the ZOOM '92 x UNION LA?

If you really plan to buy the Jordan x Union LA, you will definitely have to bring a lot of luck with you. The collaboration with UNION LA in particular has a huge fan base.

At the moment, only the Nike online shop is involved, but as soon as other stores follow suit, we will of course let you know via our various channels.

So if you really want to buy the Jordan x Union LA, just click through my release overview and pick the store of your choice. There may be a few more stores added over the next few days where you can still buy the model. We will then of course add these stores. Good luck!

The Jordan x Union LA will be priced at 149.99 euros.

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  • ZOOM '92 x UNION LA
  • ZOOM '92 x UNION LA
  • ZOOM '92 x UNION LA
  • ZOOM '92 x UNION LA
  • ZOOM '92 x UNION LA
  • ZOOM '92 x UNION LA

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