Turnstile Converse Chuck 70

01/25/24 - 12:00 AM

Turnstile Converse Chuck 70



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Black / Grey / White

The turnstile Converse Chuck 70 is a new collabo of the classic. The sneaker with the item number A08656C costs €99.99 and will be available from January 25, 2024. You can find all the most important information, as well as all the stores offering the shoe, in this article.

Converse has impressed with many top-class collabs in recent months. Now the silhouette has been given a rock finish by Turnstile. The hardcore punk band from Baltimore has been around since 2010 and is best known for its spectacular live performances. Turnstile is characterized by the fusion of different genres, combining hardcore, metal and alternative seemingly effortlessly. They creatively demonstrate their DIY aesthetic and artistic approach with the new collabo. The perfect duo, as the Converse Chuck 70 can often be found at concerts of the genres served.

The upper of the turnstile Converse Chuck 70 is monochrome in black and provides the perfect stage for the white spray patch on the side. The sole and laces are also wrapped in a rich black. The name of the band illustrates the collaboration in Capital Letters. As black yarn was also chosen for this, this information is only hidden from a very attentive eye. Alongside the Chuck 70, the Turnstile Converse One Star Pro is also being launched.

When can you buy the new Chuck 70?

The Turnstile Converse Chuck 70 is scheduled for January 25, 2024. Exactly at midnight you have the chance to get your hands on a pair in your size. In order not to lose sight of the drop until then, you can mark the sneaker with the flame in our free Dead Stock App. Our reminder function, which you can easily activate using the bell symbol, is also particularly practical. We will then send you a reminder on time via push notification to your smartphone and take the latest information into account.

Where can you buy the Turnstile Converse Chuck 70 for retail?

The new collabo can already be found at some retailers. For a better overview, we have summarized all providers in a store overview. You can view the latest Converse releases here.

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