Nike Air Jordan 12 Utility

08/14/21 - 9:00 AM

Nike Air Jordan 12 Utility


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Black / Grey

With the Nike Air Jordan 12 Utility, Nike is bringing another colourway to the popular 12'er into our stores this year. All further information about this release can be found in this article. 

This variant of the Air Jordan 12 has everything that real fans expect. The shoe features genuine suede uppers, original mudguards, a woven label and a matte chrome finish on the eyelets. The style comes in vintage packaging and is likely to be available in sizes to fit the whole family.

Michael Jordan has been a basketball icon since scoring the game-winning goal that secured North Carolina the US National Championship. In 1985, he took the field in the legendary Air Jordan I. Jordan revolutionized the league, dominating his opponents and inspiring a worldwide fan base.

When can you buy the Nike Air Jordan 12 Utility?

The 12' Jordan will be released later this year. The sneaker is said to be released on August 21, 2021. As we are used to from Nike, we can purchase the shoe from 09:00 a.m. There are regular updates in our free APP! Until then, we have a helpful tip for you:

We have a memory function in ours free dead stock app  built in so you never miss your favorite release. Simply press the bell and set your own notifications of your choice.

Where can you buy the Nike Air Jordan 12 Utility? 

So if you really want to buy the Jordan 12, you have to hurry up on the release date. We are sure that a lot of people want to buy the 12 and that the rush will be enormous. The model in particular has a large fan base, even among the older sneakerheads among us. 

The shoe has not yet been listed, but we are sure that the shoe in the Nike SNKRS App  will appear. It is not yet clear whether other stores will follow.

So if you really want to buy the Nike Air Jordan 12, just click through our release overview and choose the shop of your choice. Of course, a few more stores will be added over the next few days, where the Nike Air Jordan 12 will also be available.

Otherwise, feel free to check our other social media channels so that you don't miss any information from the sneaker world. Ours just mentioned free dead stock app  you should also check it out if you haven't already considered it.

  • Nike Air Jordan 12 Utility
  • Nike Air Jordan 12 Utility
  • Nike Air Jordan 12 Utility

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