New Balance 2002R Concrete

09/14/23 - 12:00 AM

New Balance 2002R Concrete


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Concrete / Harbor Grey / Slate Grey

With the New Balance 2002R Concrete, a new colorway of the very popular NB 2002R model is finally being released. You can find all information about the sneaker with the item number M2002RXJ and the colorway Concrete, Harbor Grey and Slate Grey in this article. The price of the New Balance shoe is 200 euros.

The 2002R model is one of the flagship models of the Boston brand. She is certainly one of the reasons why New Balance is where they are right now. The Protection Pack on the 2002R caused a real hype and even many of the inline colorways were sold out very quickly. The model is still very popular and New Balance was able to bring many new models onto the market that excited many fans. A new colorway recently appeared with the Concrete, which at first glance looks slightly revised, although there is no information about it yet.

The shape of the upper of the Concret is more reminiscent of that of an NB 990 model. Otherwise, the selected elements remain the same. A mesh construction meets suede overlays. Different shades of gray were chosen in terms of color and give the NB 200R a perfect look that can be combined with any style. The sole unit also appears to have remained the same. This means you can look forward to the same comfort as before.

When will the new 2002R be available?

The first shop has already put the New Balance 2002R Concrete online. So check this out and try to secure your size. Otherwise, the 2002R Concrete is also listed in a retailer's Upcoming, although no release date has been given yet. In order not to miss any updates in this regard, you should use the functions from our free Dead Stock app for your smartphone.

For example, you can favorite the release of the New Balance 2002R Concrete over the flame. The sneaker ends up in its own overview, which you can call up with one click. So you can see immediately if the release date changes or additional shops are added. If you would like to be notified before the drop, you can use the bell to do so.

Where can you buy the New Balance 2002R Concrete?

Footshop is so far the only shop that has already released the New Balance 2002R. The first sizes are slowly being sold out there, so don't hesitate too long before making a purchase decision. At Naked, however, the sneaker will still come, it's just not clear when yet.

If a release date is specified, other shops will definitely follow suit. Then this overview will be relevant to you again. All the shops are stored here, so you just need to click on your favorite shop and you can buy the 2002R Concrete there. We will also provide you with all the shops in our release overview.

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