MoPQ Crocs Classic Clogs

12/01/23 - 12:00 AM

MoPQ Crocs Classic Clogs



Product Code

209389-2ZH / 209389-260


Mocha / Khaki

The MoPQ Crocs Classic Clogs is the latest collaboration from Crocs that will be coming to our shops soon. In this article we have summarized all the important release information for the sneakers with the item numbers 209389-2ZH / 209389-260 and the colorways Mocha / Khaki. You have to pay about 79.99 euros for the two MoPQ clogs.

Most of you have probably known Crocs for a long time. But this year the brand made a real wave and launched strong sneakers. Our highlights include Cars Crocs Mater Hook, Lighting McQueen Crocs and the Cowboy Boots. So that the hype doesn't die down, they have now teamed up with the brand Museum of Peace & Quiet, who are known for their straightforward designs. MoPQ was founded by husband and wife Ashley and Christion Lennon. They have already worked with Vans in the past and now with Crocs. Two colorways await us on the Classic Croc.

The Mocha colorway, with item number 209389-2ZH, features an orange toebox. This "toebox" is made of suede and is something that has rarely been seen in clogs. The rest is then back to normal. A burgundy foam footbed with matching buckle completes the design.

The khaki colorway, item number 209389-260, is almost identical in terms of the use of materials. The only difference is that the light green “toebox” is made of nylon fabric and does not contain suede. The foam footbed is in a darker green. But otherwise the rest of the details are the same.

When will the MoPQ Crocs Classic Clogs be released?

Fortunately, the MoPQ Crocs Classic Clogs will be coming to our shops very soon. The MoPQClassic clogs will be launched on November 21st and you will be able to buy the two colorways from 00:00 a.m. Our free Dead Stock app for your mobile phone and its very useful tools will be a great support when purchasing the MoPQ Crocs.

If you want the MoPQ Crocs Classic Clogs, simply favorite them in the app with the flame and set a release reminder. To do this, you have to click on the bell and indicate the time when you would like to be reminded most. From now on, the app will send you a push message to your cell phone to remind you of the upcoming drop.

Where can you buy the Crocs?

You can buy both colorways of the MoPQ Clog from the retailer BSTN. Afew has only listed the Mocha colorway so far, but will definitely add the other colorway to their upcoming release in the next few days. We will also link all of the newly added shops here in the post so that you have the largest possible selection on release day. You can find all other sneaker drops in our release calendar.

We wish you much success with the release of the MoPQ Crocs Classic Clogs! Feel free to click through our social media accounts so you don't miss any more news from the sneaker scene.

  • MoPQ Crocs Classic Clogs Khaki
  • MoPQ Crocs Classic Clogs Khaki Paar
  • MoPQ Crocs Classic Clogs Khaki
  • MoPQ Crocs Classic Clogs Khaki von Hinten
  • MoPQ Crocs Classic Clogs Mocha Außenseite
  • MoPQ Crocs Classic Clogs Mocha Paar
  • MoPQ Crocs Classic Clogs Mocha Innenseite
  • MoPQ Crocs Classic Clogs Mocha von Hinten

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