Dark Low Pink Corduroy

07/20/23 - 9:00 AM

Dark Low Pink Corduroy


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White / Pink Foam

Surprisingly, the Dunk Low Pink Corduroy dropped today. For this reason, we have put all the relevant release information about the sneaker with the item number FN7167-100 and the colorway white and pink foam in this article. The retail price for the new Nike Dunk Low is 119.99 euros.

Actually, one would think that Nike is trying to release sneakers for the summer that not only fit the warm season in terms of colorway, but also in terms of their materials. The two Dunk Low Corduroys are definitely not associated with summer temperatures, because the Dunk Lows are equipped with overlays made of corduroy. After all, you would have a really strong sneaker for autumn. As the name suggests, the Pink Corduroy relies on pink overlays made of said corduroy.

Not only the overlays are dressed in the material, but also the Swoosh. The laces and the tread are designed in the same pink color. The rest of the dunk low comes in a familiar white. A really simple design, yet really powerful.

When can you buy the Nike sneaker?

The Dunk Low Pink Corduroy has already been released. Namely, the Pink Corduroy dropped on July 19, 2023. Means for you, you can visit the stored shop and secure your size there. All sizes are still available. Have you heard about the very useful features of our free Dead Stock mobile app?

For example, the app has a reminder feature so you won't miss releases like the Dunk Low Pink Corduroy. Click the bell icon and choose a time when you would most like to be reminded. Depending on the setting, the app will now send you a push message to your cell phone.

If you are also interested in other Dunk Low models, you can get an overview here. You can find all other current Nike Dunk sneakers here.

Where can you buy the Dunk Low Pink Corduroy for retail?

Since there is currently only one shop that has confirmed the release of the Dunk Low, simply click on the shop symbol and get the sneaker. So far, you can only buy the Dunk Low in the Nike mobile app. It also seems rather unlikely that another retailer will sell the sneaker. But if that should happen again as expected, then you will find the shops in our release overview. Of course you can also get the shoes from StockX and Co if the Pink Corduroy is sold out.

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