Dark Low Grey Corduroy

07/20/23 - 9:00 AM

Dark Low Grey Corduroy


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White / Light Silver

Surprisingly, the Dunk Low Grey Corduroy dropped today. In this article you will get all the important information about the sneaker with the item number FN7658-100 and the colorway white and light silver. The price for the Dunk Low is 119.99 euros.

The Nike Dunk Low is undoubtedly the silhouette of recent years. It almost doesn't matter which colorway Peter Moore's shoes came out in, they were always sold-out. At the moment you have your impression that the hype has subsided a little, which remains current, more and more models are lying almost untouched on the virtual shelves. Of course, Nike tries to counteract this and keeps releasing new Dunk Lows that are supposed to attract attention with special details.

In addition to the Grey Corduroy, the Pink Corduroy has also started. The figurehead of the shoe is the overlay material, which consists of corduroy. The base is made from the usual white leather, while the tongue, lining and outsole stay true to the timeless design.

When will the Nike sneaker be released?

The release of the Dunk Low Grey Corduroy has already taken place, but don't worry because so far all sizes are still there. It's best to click on one of the shops and then secure a pair of the Grey Corduroy there. We can recommend our free Dead Stock app for your smartphone for the future, because it will help you to get limited sneakers.

There is a feature in the app that lets you get notified before your favorite sneakers drop, like the Dunk Low Grey Corduroy. To do this, you must first click on the bell and then select a time at which you want to be reminded. Depending on your settings, our app will now send you a push message. That should definitely work with the purchase at retail price.

Where can you buy the Dunk Low Grey Corduroy for retail?

Unfortunately, there is only one shop that has dropped the dunk low so far. You can currently only buy the Grey Corduroy in the Nike mobile app. Whether other shops will join remains to be seen. If that happens, we'll add them to our release overview.

It's also worth taking a look at our social media channels, where you can get even more information about the latest sneakers. Have fun with the Dunk Low Grey Corduroy!

  • Dunk Low Grey Corduroy Paar
  • Dunk Low Grey Corduroy Außenseite nach Rechts
  • Dunk Low Grey Corduroy Außenseite
  • Dunk Low Grey Corduroy von Oben
  • Dunk Low Grey Corduroy  Ferse
  • Dunk Low Grey Corduroy Detail Motion
  • Dunk Low Grey Corduroy Detail Sohle
  • Dunk Low Grey Corduroy Detail Ferse
  • Dunk Low Grey Corduroy Detail Toebox

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