Der Bape Sta M2 White Green Black von der Seite auf weißem Hintergrund

03/23/24 - 12:00 AM

Bape Sta M2 White Green Black


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The Bape Sta M2 White Green Black is a new colorway of the popular silhouette. The sneaker with the item number 001FWK301303MGRN costs €299.00 and is set to launch on March 23, 2024. You can find all the most important information, as well as all stores offering the new colorway, in this article.

The silhouette from A Bathing Ape is still quite rare, which is mainly due to the proud price and the few purchase options. So far, Solebox is the only retailer in Germany to sell Nigo's bright colorways. The Bape Sta is known for bold color combinations and shiny uppers. Our expectations are not disappointed with the White Green Black either. The colorway combines a frog green with black accents and a white base. Although the overlays do not have a glossy finish, they have a different surface structure to that of smooth leather. It's no wonder that the design is particularly well-known in the Harajuku subculture, where it has even achieved cult status. A special sneaker that is guaranteed to attract the attention of other connoisseurs. The colorway looks like a Heinecken collaboration.

When can you buy the Bape Sta M2 White Green Black for retail?

The Bape Sta M2 White Green Black does not yet have an official release date. The corresponding raffle ends on March 23, 2024 at midnight. We assume that this date is also the release date. To make sure you don't miss the drop, you should highlight the sneaker in our free Dead Stock app. Simply click on the flame to see every update immediately. Of course, this function also works for all other models that interest you and allows you to filter our app according to your preferences.

Where can you buy the Bape sneaker?

As mentioned above, Solebox usually offers Bape Sta sneakers. However, you won't find this colorway there at the moment. The White Green Black colorway is currently only available at the Czech retailer Footshop. You can enter a raffle there, which we highly recommend. This increases your chances of getting a pair in your size enormously. If you're interested in other current drops, check out our release overview!

Further information and news from the sneaker and fashion world and about the latest Bape releases can of course also be found on our other social media channels. We wish you lots of fun with the Bape Sta M2 White Green Black!

  • Bape Sta M2 White Green Black
  • Bape Sta M2 White Green Black
  • Bape Sta M2 White Green Black
  • Bape Sta M2 White Green Black
  • Bape Sta M2 White Green Black
  • Bape Sta M2 White Green Black

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