Bape Mad Sta White

06/02/23 - 12:00 AM

Bape Mad Sta White


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White / Beige

Today the Bape Mad Sta White was released exclusively at Solebox as a surprise drop. In this article you will find all important information about the sneaker with the item number 001FWJ301015IWHT and the colorway white and beige. Pay with her for the Mad Sta White 330.00 euros.

Bape is on everyone's lips right now because the brand is being sued by Nike. It's about various trademark infringements that Nike accuses Bape of. Certain similarities between the Bape sneaker model and different Nike models can already be seen. The best example is the Bape Sta, which looks like the Air Force 1. But the Mad Sta silhouette also shows similarities to the blazer. The absurd thing about the whole story is that the founder of Bape, Nigo is now working with Nike and has announced a joint collection for 2024. Of course he has since sold Bape, but it's still very macabre that Nike and Nigo are now working together while the Beaverton brand is suing Bape.

The latest Bape Mad Sta model has a simple design. A shade of white covers the entire shoe. Only the Bape Sta is designed in beige leather and the Bape logo on the tongue is black. Simple design meets skater style and results in the latest Bape Mad Sta.

When will the new Bape Sta be available?

You may have read above that the Bape Mad Sta White is already online. So you can check out the linked shop directly and see if your size is still available. Up to now all sizes were still available, but since the Mad Sta White is exclusively available at Solebox, the shoe could be sold out quickly. So don't hesitate too long. Have you already heard about our free Dead Stock mobile app and its very useful functions?

So that you don't miss any coveted drops in the future and are one of the first to start, we have equipped our Dead Stock App with many practical features. Not only is it the home of all current trends and news, but also the perfect tool for all sneakerheads or those who want to become one.

Where can you buy the Bape Mad Sta White?

Currently you can only buy the Bape Mad Sta White from the retailer Solebox. This will not change in the future either, because you can only get Bape sneakers exclusively at Solebox for retail prices. So hurry up because we can't guarantee how much longer you'll get your Bape Mad Sta size. If you are interested in other sneakers, please check our release overview to be up to date on the latest sneaker releases.

If you are also interested in other designs of the Bape Sta silhouette, you will find a suitable overview here. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can easily reach us via the message function on our following channels:

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