adidas Y-3 GR.1P

05/18/23 - 10:00 AM

adidas Y-3 GR.1P



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Core White / Black / Core White


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Today the adidas Y-3 GR.1P got a restock, which was combined with a sale at adidas. You can find all relevant information about the drop in this article.

Once again, Y-3 interprets the classic adidas look in a new way. The result: this Y-3 GR.1P. It comes with a soft, minimalist leather upper. The statement details ensure an edgy look. The contrasting 3-Stripes on the sides shine through the transparent midsole and are also a real eye-catcher. Yohji Yamamoto has once again created a unique combination of sport and style.

When will the new adidas sneaker be available?

The adidas Y-3 GR.1P went online on May 16, 2023. However, you can only buy the Y-3 sneaker if you are an adidas member. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until May 18, 2023, when the Y-3 GR.1P will be available to everyone at 10:00 a.m. We want to introduce you to another very useful function from our free Dead Stock app for smartphones.

Maybe you know the problem that you are interested in a sneaker and then lose sight of the shoe even though you wanted to buy it. With our app you can avoid this problem by simply activating a release reminder. Click on the bell icon and choose a time when you want to be notified. Our app will now send you a push message to your cell phone so you don't miss the drop.

Where can you buy the adidas Y-3 GR.1P?

Despite the fact that there is currently only one shop where you can currently buy the adidas Y-3 GR.1P, this overview is very useful for you. In the future, all shops will be added here that will still stock the shoe with item number GW8640. Incidentally, the Y-3 sneaker costs 280.00 euros.

As you have probably read above, you can currently only buy the adidas Y-3 in the adidas online store. We will add all other shops that should be added to our release overview.

You are also welcome to visit our social media channels so that you don't miss any more information from the sneaker world and the latest adidas models. You should also check out our aforementioned free Dead Stock app if you haven't already considered it. Enjoy shopping for the adidas Y-3 GR.1P.

  • adidas Y-3 GR.1P Außenseite
  • adidas Y-3 GR.1P Zunge
  • adidas Y-3 GR.1P Sohle
  • adidas Y-3 GR.1P Paar
  • adidas Y-3 GR.1P Ferse
  • adidas Y-3 GR.1P Innenseite
  • adidas Y-3 GR.1P Innen- und Außenseite
  • adidas Y-3 GR.1P On-Feet
  • adidas Y-3 GR.1P Detail Zunge
  • adidas Y-3 GR.1P Detail Mittelfußbereich
  • adidas Y-3 GR.1P Detail Ferse

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