adidas Samba Magic Beige

03/04/24 - 12:00 AM

adidas Samba Magic Beige


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Core White / Wonder White / Magic Beige


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Don't miss any info of the Travis Scott Jordan Jumpman Jack TR Sail


With the adidas Samba Magic Beige, the brand with the three stripes is expanding its strong start to the new year with another colorway. The sneaker with the item number IG1376 costs 150.00 euros. You can find all the most important information, as well as all the stores that offer the Samba, in this article.

The adidas Samba was designed in 1950 for the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. However, as the first release took place in 1949, the silhouette is now celebrating a proud 75 years of existence. Originally designed as an indoor shoe, the sneaker has evolved into a timeless classic that is not only ideal for sport, but also for an urban lifestyle. Its simple yet sporty appearance allows effortless combinations for almost any occasion and outfit. The Samba experienced its first upswing in the 90s, when it was enthusiastically embraced by both the skate scene and soccer fans. Now, in 2023, the Samba is making a comeback thanks to the TikTok platform. This is particularly timely for adidas, as it allows them to bring the timeless elegance and versatility of the adidas Samba back into focus. What an anniversary for the Samba!

The Magic Beige colorway impresses with its high quality. This also comes at a price: at €150.00, the sneaker is significantly more expensive than most other colorways. The smooth white leather upper is contoured with the help of the suede heel and stripes. The soft beige color literally clings to the sneaker. The perfect transition to the rubber sole. See for yourself and take a closer look at the attached images.

When can you buy the adidas Samba Magic Beige for retail?

Unfortunately, there is no official release date for the adidas Samba Magic Beige yet. This is where our free dead stock app comes into play! Set a reminder alarm now using the bell in the app. As we understand that everyone has a different perception of punctuality, you can easily set yourself how much lead time you want for the reminder. Of course, our app also works for all other sneakers that interest you. Always stay informed and organized with the Dead Stock app!

Where can you buy the adidas sneaker?

Unfortunately, there aren't many stores to announce without an official date. However, one thing is certain, the sneaker will be released at 43einhalb. adidas is also sure to follow soon. In the event that other retailers also offer the sneaker, you can find them in our store overview.

You can also check out our social media channels to make sure you don't miss any more information from the sneaker world and the latest adidas models. You should also check out our just mentioned free Dead Stock app if you haven't considered it yet. Have fun with the adidas Samba Magic Beige!

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