adidas Campus 00s Green

06/09/23 - 10:00 AM

adidas Campus 00s Green


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Green / Cloud White / Collegiate Green

With the adidas Campus 00s Green, a new colourway of the Campus 00s is on its way to our virtual shelves. In this article we have summarized all relevant information about the sneaker with the item number ID2048 and the colourways Green, Cloud White and Collegiate Green. You have to pay 110.00 euros for the new campus.

It wasn't that long ago that adidas had a really big problem. After parting ways with Kanye West, the huge hole left by the loss of Yeezy needs to be patched. In addition, the biggest competitors Nike and New Balance have performed strongly. So actually a very bad starting position, but that didn't stop adidas from presenting two of the most hyped silhouettes so far for 2023. We're talking about adidas Samba and of course the adidas Campus 00s. Many different colorways of the Campus 00s have already been dropped and the plate has now been expanded to include a sneaker that uses two shades of green.

A darker shade of green was chosen for the front part of the upper, which was combined with a lighter green on the back half. These two tones were complemented with golden accents around the three stripes and in the logo on the heel. In the sole unit we can look forward to the classic Campus 00s elements again, i.e. white midsole and gum tread.

When can I buy the adidas Campus 00s Green?

Unfortunately, no official release date for the adidas Campus 00s Green has been announced yet. This will probably be made up for in the next few weeks. As soon as we have found out specific release information about the new Campus 00s, we will update this article for you and the sneaker will end up in our Upcoming. So it's certainly a good thing that we've built one or the other very helpful function into our free Dead Stock app for mobile phones, with which you won't miss the drop.

The first thing we recommend is to click on the flame emoji so that Campus 00S Green ends up in your favourites. You can easily call up this overview with one click, so immediately if the release date should change. If you still want to be notified now, you just have to click on the bell and you can set a release reminder.

In which shops do you buy adidas sneakers?

Despite the fact that there is no release date and therefore no shop yet, you should remember this overview. All the shops and stores where you can buy the adidas Campus 00s green for retail will be stored here. So simply open this overview on the release day and then save the adidas campus directly. If you can't be patient, you have the opportunity to secure the sneaker now at StockX.

You will probably get the Campus 00s at least in the adidas online store or one or the other retailer will release the shoe themselves. All other shops that will be added in the future will be linked to you in the release overview.

Have fun with the adidas Campus 00s Green! So that you don't miss any news and trends and can keep an eye on everything, we provide you with updates and information around the clock via our following social media channels:

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