adidas adiFOM Q Craft Ocher

12/19/22 - 12:00 AM

adidas adiFOM Q Craft Ocher



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Crfat Ochre / Wild Ochre


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Don't miss any Info of the Jordan 4 Vivid Sulfur

Don't miss any Info of the Jordan 4 Vivid Sulfur


With the adidas adiFOM Q Craft Ocher, adidas is taking a new direction, at least as far as the colorways on the adiFOM Q are concerned. All information about the release is available from us in this post

Arguably one of the most controversial sneakers of 2022, the adiFOM Q was released in September to mixed reactions. And after adidas recently parted ways with Kanye West - who was not exactly innocent for the ongoing discussions - adidas is now releasing the silhouette in two more colorways, starting with the Craft Ocher and the Blue Rush

If you compare the new adiFOM Q Colorway with the old ones, you will notice that they are much more colourful. Here, the foam-based exoskeleton is clad in a manner reminiscent of clay, all along its surface. The sock-like device underneath is similarly styled, with lighter, albeit complementary, shading to mark the various brandings.

When can I buy the adidas sneaker?

Just like the Blue Rush, the adiFOM Q Craft Ocher will be released on December 20, 2022. Here, however, the release will not take place until 9:00 a.m. The Craft Ocher Colorway fits perfectly into winter and you shouldn't miss the adidas sneaker. You should also not miss out on our free Dead Stock app for your cell phone.

A feature we built in there reminds you just before your favorite sneakers drop. Use the bell to set a time when you will be reminded via push message. So nothing should stand in the way of a purchase

Where can I buy the adidas adiFOM Q Craft Ocher?

First of all, we would like to point out that you should register for the linked raffles so that you get the right to buy the adiFOM Craft Ocher. We have linked the Raffles to our free Dead Stock App.

Of course, there is already a shop that has confirmed the release of the adiFOM Q with the item number GY0064. The adidas sneaker will be released by Allike and will cost around 120.00 euros. We are always adding new shops, because some shops only gradually come to list the Craft Ocher. You will then find the shops in our release overview.

Otherwise, feel free to visit our social media channels so that you don't miss any more information from the world of sneakers and the latest adidas adiFOM Q models. You should also check out our aforementioned free Dead Stock app if you haven't already considered it.

  • adidas adiFOM Q Craft Ochre
  • adidas adiFOM Q Craft Ocher
  • adidas adiFOM Q Craft Ochre
  • adidas adiFOM Q Craft Ocher
  • adidas adiFOM Q Craft Ochre

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