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Air Max 95 Black Earth


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Air Max 1 Crepe Hemp

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Why does everyone want to buy the Nike Air Max? There are enough reasons

This very sneaker represented Hatfield’s first major project. The former architect used the Centre Pompidou in Paris as a source of inspiration, which is unique due to the stairs and tubes arranged on the outside. Hatfield himself also wanted to make the inside visible to the outside – a stroke of genius that he succeeded in doing precisely because of the Air Sole developed in 1978. Incidentally, the Air Sole was an invention of former NASA engineer Frank Rudy. The never-before-seen silhouette caused quite a stir internally, however, precisely because of the visible Air Bubble. Still, Nike‘s Air Max managed to catch on. As everyone knows, when technologies are successful, Nike works continuously to develop them further.

What models are actually available for purchase at all?

Nike Air Max 1

As the first silhouette with the Visible Air sole, the sneaker presented itself in 1987 in the OG colorway that everyone knows to this day: red and white!

Nike Air Max Light (or Air Max II)

The very first Air Max with a lightweight mesh upper. (Release 1989) Air Max 90: More is more! The larger Air Sole brought even more cushioning looked more uniform overall. (Release: 1990)

Nike Air Classic BW (Air Max IV or also Big Window)

Once again, the Air Sole was enlarged. The sneaker was originally intended to function purely as a sports shoe, but was then issued in various colorways and thus suitable for the street (Release: 1991)

Nike Air 180

Introduction of the 180° Air-Sole element, in which the foam between the outsole and the Air-Pad was removed, so that the heel touches the ground directly with the Air-Element. A whole new level of comfort was created (release 1991).

Air Max 93

With the now even “longer” air unit, Nike provides further optimization of the Air Sole (release 1993) Air Max 95: the all-new silhouette brings the Air Sole to the forefoot for the first time (release 1995).

Air Max 97

The Air Sole now runs all the way around the shoe and, combined with the layered look of the upper, creates a sleek appearance. (Release 1997)

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