VIOVIO x KangaROOS Exclusive Collection - Release info

  • VIOVIO x KangaROOS Exclusive Collection - Release info

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"Easy" - who doesn't know this song?!!! Almost everyone thinks of the mysterious guy with the panda mask as soon as they hear one of the most famous pop/rap anthems. CRO!!! Not only as a musician, but also with his own label VIOVIO, the rapper has established himself in the German Saturday, February 15, 2014, KangaROOS will present the long-awaited "Black & White" package together with the streetwear label VIOVIO.the KangaROOS Hi-Top Skywalker IV stands out in particular because its "Glow in the Dark" look makes the shoe immediately catch the eye.The package is complemented by an eye-catching and stylish "Reversible Windbreaker." The effortless interaction during the cooperation is thanks to the Mannheim vintage lover and store owner Bernhard Glimm from "SheMonster Vintage." In the summer of 2013, Bernhard Glimm introduced KangaROOS to the VIOVIO label. Together with VIOVIO, this resulted in a wonderful collection that co-founder Carlo Waibel ("CRO") describes as follows:" should look like after a night out: quickly slipped on, but still beautiful!" The VIOVIO X KangaROOS collabo comprises a total of five unisex styles. All in black and white, they will go on sale at the

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on 15. February 2014 -Instore first from 11:00h- online the collection will be available at 12:00h.VIOVIO X KangaROOS Skywalker IVThe Skywalker, originally designed in 1987, hides many details, such as embroidered small triangle eyelets, the trademark of VIOVIO. The reflective lace keeper is not only an eye-catcher in the dark, but also in the light.HoodyThe VIOVIO lettering in varsity style is on the front and the ROOS lettering on the back, plus theVIOVIO logo on the left sleeve and the KangaROOS animal on the right sleeve, both of which are embroidered.WindbreakerThe Reversal windbreaker can be worn inside/outside and picks up on the branding of the hoodie - VIOVIO on the front, ROOS on the back. The inner pattern of the windbreaker can be found on the shoe box, the shoe lining and the beanie label.accessoriesThe gym bag is made from the same material as the windbreaker and the beanie has a reflective logo.
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