The best Barbie sneakers on StockX

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Barbie and the Oppenheimer movie have been all the rage these past few days. The two films have smashed box office records since their release last weekend. In addition, the Barbie film triggered a marketing wave. That's why we're taking a look at the best Barbie sneakers on StockX. Barbie sneaker means in this case: pink sneakers. Because we think if you want to go a little more pink, then it's in the form of sneakers. We took a look around and selected the best Barbie sneakers on StockX for you.

Since the Barbie film hit the cinemas on July 20th, a marketing avalanche has rolled over us all: everywhere we see bright pink billboards, clothes, rollerblades, Xbox controllers, a real Malibu Dream House on Airbnb. The advertising budget of the film in is endless. Plus a bunch of memes for free. Of course we are not spared in the sneaker world. Pink sneakers are everywhere now. Whether from Superga, Crocs (official collaborations), Nike, adidas, etc. That's why we're currently looking for the best pink sneakers from your favorite brands. And who better than StockX? Right, nobody. But before we show you our favorite Barbie sneakers, there is a little information about the Barbie Movie.

What is the film actually about? Greta Gerwig creates a pink plastic world ruled by matriarchy: "Barbieland" is ruled by the Barbies. They are presidents, doctors and journalists. And the kens? They function primarily as accessories, or as the film puts it, "Barbie has a great day every day, but Ken only has a great day when Barbie is looking at him." However, Barbie is quickly banned from her homeland, Barbieland, because she is not considered perfect enough. Together with Ken she goes into the real world. But in this new environment, not only positive experiences await them, but also dangers. However, as her journey progresses, Barbie realizes that true perfection isn't about the outside, it's only to be found on the inside. It's best to watch the film for yourself, it's worth it.


Long Story Short: We picked our favorites on StockX for you. We were surprised ourselves how many sneakers we forgot. Including the Air Max 180 from Nike and CDG, or the Post Malone clogs. In general, after the search, we now feel like Barbie ourselves and also want to have a pink sneaker.

Here are the best pink sneakers on StockX, the images are linked:


So if you're in the mood for more pink in your life now that you've seen the film, take a look around at StockX and hit it. to! If you don't feel like paying reseller prices, check out our free app . We'll keep you up to date and send you push notifications about your favorite releases. You will also find current pink ones there. Sneaker in the upcoming releases . And if you haven't seen the film yet, you should!

If you have any questions for us, you can easily reach us via the message function of all social media channels.

  • The best Barbie sneakers on StockX
  • The best Barbie sneakers on StockX
  • Barbie Sneaker auf StockX Dunk High
  • Barbie Sneaker auf StockX Jacquemus Humara
  • Barbie Sneaker auf StockX Gucci Gazelle
  • The best Barbie sneakers on StockX
  • Barbie Sneaker auf StockX Jordan 1 Mid
  • Barbie Sneaker auf StockX Gazelle Bold
  • The best Barbie sneakers on StockX
  • Barbie Sneaker auf StockX Dunk Low
  • The best Barbie sneakers on StockX
  • Barbie Sneaker auf StockX Bad Bunny Forum
  • Barbie Sneaker auf StockX Crocs Post Malone
  • Barbie Sneaker auf StockX Martine Rose
  • Barbie Sneaker auf StockX CDG Air Max 180
  • Barbie Sneaker auf StockX Bapesta
  • Barbie Sneaker auf StockX Stussy Birkenstock
  • Barbie Sneaker auf StockX Air Max 1
  • Barbie Sneaker auf StockX Nike Air Presto
  • Barbie Sneaker auf StockX Converse Chuck Hi 70s
  • Barbie Sneaker auf StockX Off-White Zoom Fly
  • Barbie Sneaker auf StockX Vapormax
  • Barbie Sneaker auf StockX Stussy x Nike
  • Barbie Sneaker auf StockX New Balance

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