The Supreme Store Berlin: sightseeing for sneakerheads

  • The Supreme Store Berlin: sightseeing for sneakerheads

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"You always want what you don't get" could be the motto of the successful streetwear label from New York. Because although the brand has been around since the early 90s, there are only a handful of stores worldwide where die-hard sneakerheads regularly camp for new releases. And the popular kicks are not that easy to get online either: New silhouettes are sold out in a very short time due to the limited number of items. In Germany we can now count ourselves among the select circle of the brand, because 2021 was the grand opening of the 14th Supreme Store in Berlin. Facts about the new Supreme Berlin Store, information about the brand and of course about the range can be found in this article.

Supreme is many things - just not mainstream

Every now and then there are releases of sneakers or other streetwear that people are eagerly awaiting. For some collab releases of big brands, people even camp in front of the stores in order to really be able to take a piece of the hype home with them. However, there is no other brand that can do this on every single release. Only Supreme can do that.

James Jebbia launched the brand in Manhattan, New York, in 1994 after working in a skate shop himself for a number of years. From the outset, he relied on limited quantities so as not to get stuck on the goods, making them must-haves. In the meantime, Supreme is consciously using this marketing strategy. But also thanks to stars like Drake and Kanye West as well as famous collaborations such as with Louis Vuitton, the skater label has become one of the most hyped streetwear brands in the world.

That's why many people wait for hours in front of the stores every Thursday to get the latest drop. But Supreme's understated attitude is and will remain a unique selling point. Because right from the start, Jebbia has acted according to the motto "By skaters for skaters" and aligned the stores accordingly. The articles are still arranged in such a way that you can easily ride your board to the counter without having to get off. Both customers and employees share the same mindset and enthusiasm for skating and a casual lifestyle. They only do what they believe in. Supreme is real - right from the start.

Supreme Berlin

After global metropolises such as LA and New York and trendy areas such as the Marais district in Paris or the Soho district in London, Berlin can now also count itself among the cities selected for an exclusive Supreme Store. To date there are 14 shops distributed around the globe and each one is absolutely unique - at the same time they all have one thing in common: the collections are presented on the sides of the room, so that there is enough space to skate through the store with the board. In addition to trendy sneakers and, of course, selected skateboards, you will find lots of accessories and of course the popular clothing collections. Of course, there was also a very special collection for the opening of the Berlin store - namely the collab with Tiffany & Co. and its own Berlin Box logo.

In the Supreme Store Berlin, too, the brand remains true to its principles and relies on racks and shelves in a simple design made of metal and wood - with the exception of the back wall: With colorful pictures and design elements, it becomes the absolute eye-catcher of the shop. The model airplane also stands out against the cozy wooden ceiling, the light walls and the gray floor. Overall, the Supreme Store Berlin looks bright, minimalistic and high-quality - the brand simply doesn't need anything else.

Hard facts about Supreme

And it is precisely this marketing strategy that makes Supreme so special: anyone who wanted to shop when the Berlin store opened didn't have it easy. You had to register for a raffle in advance for a visit to the popular Torstrasse. If you were lucky, you could stand in the coveted queue - only to enjoy a full 15 minutes of shopping enjoyment.

But even months after the opening, the run on the shop continues. It is located between Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg on the shopping mile for sneakerheads and streetwear fans - right next to the hyped stores SOTO and Superconscious. But also many trendy restaurants, other individual shops and cool bars make the area an ideal spot for Supreme.

The Supreme Store in Berlin has made a long-awaited dream come true for many and we also think it's really nice to finally have our own Supreme Store. Let's meet on Thursdays, guys!#

what else?

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  • The Supreme Store Berlin: sightseeing for sneakerheads
  • Supreme Berlin

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