Nike Air Jordan 12 Wings - nice feature

  • Nike Air Jordan 12 Wings - nice feature

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The white, black and gold colorway of the Air Jordan 12 Wings has already caused quite a stir. Now that the US release of the Jordan 12 Wings is getting closer and closer, more details have come to light that make the sneaker even more interesting: The upper of the Air Jordan 12 Wings features a very special gimmick: Similar to the Lance Mountain SB, the first black layer wears off after some time and reveals a beautiful pattern of black and gold wings.Although I'm not a big fan of the Jordan brand, and don't actually wear basketball shoes, I have to say that I think little features like this are really cool. I'm really sorry for the Jordan fans in my community, because it looks like the release will only take place in the States. Since the Air Jordan 12 Wings are limited to 12,000 units (not much for a Jordan!), you'll either have to pay a disgustingly high price for them or find someone to help you with the release. That's kind of stupid, check out the pictures. I think it's really good and would love to see something like this on a runner....what do you think?You can find more current Jordan releases here.

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