New Balance 574 Made in USA - latest pickup

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I'm on a bit of a New Balance trip at the moment, which has brought a lot of Made in USA models into my hut over the last few weeks, and my favorite models have always been the 996s and 998s, but this time I just had to get my hands on the 574s, which landed at END in the sale last week. The 574s, which are made in the States (at least 70% of the shoe), are definitely very different from the Asian models. The shape alone and the materials used are like night and day, and I think it's clear to everyone which version has the edge, and of course my 574 is once again a really nice shoe that I'm really excited about. I use these words deliberately because I really feel that way. New Balance produces really great things in the United States and I'm always impressed by their quality. That's why I'm all the more surprised that the large N on the sides of my blue 574 is coming off easily. Of course, I can imagine that the workers get a good licking if glue is applied to this exact spot. Too little glue (why not sew it on directly??!) is not the best solution either, be that as it may. I'm still very happy with the shoes and will probably keep both CW's (yes, I got two). I just like the materials and colors too much, plus the nice doesn't get any better than that for me. If there are any changes to the logo markings on the side, I'll just glue them on quickly, it wouldn't be the first time I've had to touch up my shoes myself... ;-)By the way, I bought the shoes for €90 at END in the sale. There should still be a few sizes left!The discount code EXTRA25 gives another 25% discount on reduced goods! Have fun with the pictures!

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