Jacquemus x Nike: what's behind the footwear of the new campaign?

  • Jacquemus x Nike: what's behind the footwear of the new campaign?

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I, the author of this post, love Jacquemus . This also applies to the new Family Love campaign . The wonderful shooting in Hawaii makes me wanna cry. You can see why I am talking about myself today and not writing from the we perspective in the article here. But above all it's about Jacquemus x Nike - and my love for the brand.

When the pictures of the new campaign were published on Jacquemus ' IG channel, I was initially surprised. The collection looks so different when the designs are not photographed in France. With all this beauty, I even saw the Nike's on the feet of the beautiful people, thought about it for a moment (whatever) and just kept going. Don't waste any more thought on it. If my boss reads this, he would certainly wish for more attention. Me too. Why am I telling all this? It still didn't "click" until a few minutes ago. I was apparently offline for over two weeks. Now it took 16 days, Googling Jacquemus, reading various fashion articles and an age-old tweet from Yoon Ambush (check it out here and read the caption) until I checked what it all actually means.


Nike 's on Jacquemus model feet. Nike crew's post by Ambush . One plus one equals two and in the fashion world that means: collaboration! There are at least some indications. Another is that Jacquemus himself loves showing off his Sacai x Nikes . Let's get to the shoes, unfortunately there's not much that can be said yet. One of the pairs appears to be a Nike Shox in black with metallic accents. The other looks like a Nike Air Series 6E or 6F, according to some reports. Pretty 2000s style and I love it.

Hopefully we'll soon find out whether I'm floating in my deepest dreams or whether the clues turn out to be proof. But I'll be honest, who doesn't want Jacquemus x Nike? If I (or we) know more, we will let you know immediately. As long as we keep dreaming. As always, you can find all information in the release calendar or in our deadstock app .

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