A small part of my favorite sneakers

  • A small part of my favorite sneakers

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In the last few weeks, I've often been asked which models are actually my personal favorite sneakers. I don't think it's an easy question for a collector to answer, but I've given it some thought and tried to reduce the number of my favorite sneakers to a minimum. To be honest, I doubt whether I really succeeded. I simply have too many beautiful sneakers and I regret a little that I set myself a limit of five pairs for this post. :DI've already written about the adidas Spirit of the Games, which for me personally is the cream of the crop in my collection. That's why I'm leaving this model out for now. Luckily, I have a few other beautiful sneakers that are very close to my heart ;-) I'd like to show you which models these are in this post.

ASICS Gel Saga Blue Steel OG

The ASICS Gel Saga "Blue Steel" was my very first vintage sneaker. The shoe still looks like new after almost 25 years and sparked my love for sneakers from older years. For me, the ASICS Gel Saga Blue Steel is simply a prime example of the perfect sneaker. From the silhouette to the colorway, everything is just right. Unfortunately, it's been a little sensitive to the bad weather over the last few days, so I won't be wearing the ASICS Gel Saga "Blue Steel" again until next spring.

adidas ZX Flux Family & Friends

The ZX Flux has now become an absolute mainstream sneaker and is certainly no longer the most interesting model for collectors. Many of you will surely be wondering why a ZX Flux is one of my favorites. For me personally, however, the Friends & Family ZX Flux is a very special sneaker because it was precisely this model that heralded the start of my important partnership with adidas. So for me, this choice is not about the ZX Flux itself, but about what I associate with it. A lovely gift from my friends at adidas that I definitely won't be giving away again.

Nike Flyknit Racer Multicolour 1.0

The Multicolour 1.0 is the best colorway of the Flyknit Racer for me and another model that I was able to find on eBay. In my opinion, there are few sneakers that are as brightly colored as the Nike Flyknit Multicolour 1.0. The new version, which was released a few months ago, doesn't even come close. For me, the Flyknit Racer is simply the perfect summer shoe and a welcome companion on my travels. Shape, comfort, colorway - simply a perfect sneaker!

ASICS x Foot Patrol Gel Saga

In my opinion, there are three models of the Gel Saga that are particularly noteworthy: the Patta, the 24 Kilates and the Foot Patrol. To my great regret, however, only the Foot Patrol is in my collection. The other two models will probably never make it to me. The Patta now has a price tag that is far from good or bad. The 24Kilates is almost impossible to find in my size. Of the "big three", I'm left with the Foot Patrol Gel Saga, which I naturally treasure like the apple of my eye and count as one of my favorite sneakers in my collection.

ASICS Gel Diablo OG

I've only owned the ASICS Gel Diablo for around a year. The sneaker was an absolute bargain and I didn't expect to like the model so much before I bought it. As I said, the Gel Diablo really wasn't expensive and I just "picked it up". A rather accidental purchase that turned out to be really lucky for me in retrospect. A similar shoe to the ASICS Gel Saga Blue Steel that I presented to you a few paragraphs above. Incidentally, I've been stumbling across this model more and more often recently. Just a few weeks ago, I discovered three pairs on eBay UK. My tip: Don't hesitate to browse the eBay listings in other countries. You can often find great and rare models there! So, now I've told you about some of my favorite sneakers, but for women there are just as beautiful models that I shared here, in a small collection. Last but not least, here is a short video that I made as part of a small project with eBay. In this video, I talk a bit about myself, my blog and my passion for sneakers. By the way, some of the models from the video will be on display at a sneaker vernissage in Hamburg. They include the ASICS Tiger Gel Lyte III "Koi", the Nike Sock Dart x Fragment "Oreo" and the Nike Air Max "Patta x Parra". All models that are unfortunately still missing from my collection. The vernissage starts on October 30, 2015 at Gudberg Nerger at Poolstraße 30. In addition to some other exciting releases, there will also be works by various artists to admire. So it's well worth a visit. I personally will be there a day early to watch the spectacle. I'm looking forward to it! Enjoy the video!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hclxCXtBrJQ

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