ASICS Tiger x Concepts Gel Lyte III Boston Tea Party - Release info

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So my friends, the time has come. The Concepts Gel Lyte III will be released this week, and the official press release from ASICS is finally available. Personally, I'm extremely excited about the Concepts Gel Lyte III. I don't care if it's gold, silver or any other color on the stripes. The colorway simply rocks and the materials look super good. I especially like the "wild suede" on the heel and for some of you, the gold and silver tiger stripes are a bit too much, but maybe you'll "understand the shoe" a bit better if you read the story behind the collabo. Gold and silver makes perfect sense for a shoe called "Boston Tea Party" ;-)Here's the story behind the shoe:

"The keyword 'Boston Tea Party' inevitably brings back memories of history lessons at school. The background to this action, seen as an act of resistance against British colonial policy, in which three shiploads of tea landed in the harbor basin, is usually only dimly remembered. The further escalation of the conflict led to the outbreak of the American War of Independence two years later.

With a view to this revolutionary event and the associated historical significance of its hometown, the ASICS X CONCEPTS GEL-LYTE III reflects the colors of the parties involved in the conflict: on the one hand, the British Red Coats and, opposite them, the patriotic Blue Coats. Complemented by an "innocent" white, the colors of the American flag are also united on the shoe.ASICS Tigerstripes, alternating in silver and gold, further enhance the high-quality material selection, while three additional laces provide extra design freedom."

The release of the ASICS X CONCEPTS GEL-LYTE III 'BOSTON TEA PARTY' (RRP: €150) will take place on May 2, 2015. The following retailers will stock the Gel Lyte III:SOLEBOX, BerlinOVERKILL, BerlinTITELHELDEN, HamburgAFEW, DüsseldorfTHE GOOD WILL OUT, CologneASPHALTGOLD, DarmstadtSUPPA, StuttgartHere is our release calendar!

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