ASICS Tiger Summer Grey Mesh Pack - Release notes

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For those of you who don't like it quite so colorful and prefer more dignified colorways, you should check out the new sneaker pack from ASICS Tiger, which consists of a Gel Lyte III and a GT-II. Both silhouettes are packed in an inconspicuous upper of different shades of gray. At first glance, the Gel Lyte III looks quite similar to the Gel Lyte III from the Premium Nubuck Pack. However, if you compare the two models, there are significant differences in the choice of materials. Evil tongues would speak of a "Poor Man's" Gel Lyte III, but I'll spare myself that at this point. From April 30, 2015, the SUMMER GREY MESH PACK from ASICS Tiger will be available in the following stores:OVERKILL, BerlinASPHALTGOLD, DarmstadtAFEW, DüsseldorfSOLE HUNTERS, Essen43EINHALB, Fulda MATE STORE, Gütersloh ALLIKE, Hamburg ANIMAL TRACKS, Hamburg THE UPPER CLUB, MunichMATE STORE, Gütersloh

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