ASICS TIGER Gel Lyte V OG - latest pickup

  • ASICS TIGER Gel Lyte V OG - latest pickup

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My dear colleague Silvia posted a great article on the Nike SB x Concepts Holy Grail Dunk High last week. The feedback on the post was so surprisingly good that we decided to spoil you with loooong texts and picture series more often in the future (this time on the ASICS TIGER Gel Lyte V OG). #nohomo Everything for the follower, everything for the club... or something like that, right? :DThis post is about one of my latest acquisitions from last week: the ASICS TIGER Gel Lyte V OG. I already own an original pair from 1991 and now I'm the happy owner of two different first Gel Lyte V OG was a very straightforward purchase. The price was absolutely fine and the sneakers were almost flawless. Of course, there were one or two signs of age, but they weren't worth mentioning. We're talking about sneakers that are over 20 years old. You shouldn't be more pontifical than the Pope.

Before the ASICS TIGER Gel Lyte V OG

The situation was different with my second pair. In contrast to the blue colorway, there was no longer a box for the sneaker. I'm always cautious about this because certain weather conditions can cause considerable damage to our beloved sneakers over the years. At first, I decided not to buy them because the Gel Lyte V had been stored incorrectly for years and was completely dirty. Hardly worn but dirty - what a dilemma, isn't it? In the end, it wasn't me who bought the shoe, but my colleague Dennis from the Zoo Zoo Store. Dennis is an absolute killer when it comes to vintage sneakers and has amassed an incredible amount of knowledge in this area. He kindly bought the Gel Lyte V without my knowledge and had them sent directly to me. He was convinced right from the start that I could fix the sneaker, and he was right...I would love to show you a picture of what the shoe looked like before my basic cleaning. Unfortunately, I missed taking a photo, but if you look closely, you can see how bad my new Gel Lyte V was in the following cell phone pictures. #intensivstation


After the basic cleaning of the ASICS TIGER Gel Lyte V OG

After the complete basic cleaning, the whole story (or rather my Gel Lyte V OG) already looked different. The insoles were like new anyway, so I only had to dust them off once. The upper was the biggest problem, but I got it under control with Oxi Action for colored laundry and a bucket of water. Of course, some stains could not be removed, just like the sticky spots. On the whole, however, the shoe is very clean and absolutely wearable for me, and the whole process was really worthwhile for me in the end. I'm glad that my colleague Dennis had the balls to order the shoe, because after all, I could have said that I didn't want them. The man knew what he was talking about and that paid off for me! :) Thanks for that! There are more pictures on the next page!

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  • Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-07 um 17.36.15
  • asics-gel-lyte-v-vintage05
  • asics-gel-lyte-v-vintage06
  • asics-gel-lyte-v-vintage07
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  • asics-gel-lyte-v-vintage09
  • asics-gel-lyte-v-vintage01
  • asics-gel-lyte-v-vintage02
  • asics-gel-lyte-v-vintage03
  • asics-gel-lyte-v-vintage10
  • asics-gel-lyte-v-vintage04
  • asics-gel-lyte
  • asics-gel-lyte-v-vintage12
  • asics-gel-lyte
  • asics-gel-lyte-v-vintage14
  • asics-gel-lyte-v-vintage15
  • ASICS TIGER Gel Lyte V OG - latest pickup
  • asics-gel-lyte-v-vintage22
  • asics-gel-lyte-v-vintage17
  • ASICS TIGER Gel Lyte V OG - latest pickup
  • asics-gel-lyte-v-vintage20
  • ASICS TIGER Gel Lyte V OG - latest pickup
  • ASICS TIGER Gel Lyte V OG - latest pickup
  • asics-gel-lyte-v-vintage18

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