ASICS Tiger 90's Vibrant Mesh Pack - Release info

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May begins with the release of the 90's VIBRANT MESH PACK from ASICS Tiger, consisting of two silhouettes of the Gel Lyte V. I particularly noticed the blue-grey colorway, because after all, there is a very similar colorway of the ASICS Gel Saga currently available as a Foot Locker Exclusive. I haven't yet checked whether it's exactly the same color, but if it were.....yes, then I'd honestly be a little surprised.both sneakers will be available in selected stores from May 2, 2015.the RRP for the two GEL-LYTE V is 130 euros each.Here is a brief overview so you don't have to search too long:OVERKILL, BerlinASPHALTGOLD, DarmstadtAFEW, DüsseldorfSOLE HUNTERS, Essen 43EINHALB, Fulda MATE STORE, Gütersloh ALLIKE, Hamburg ANIMAL TRACKS, Hamburg THE UPPER CLUB, MunichMATE STORE, Gütersloh

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