adidas x Dead Stock Sneakerblog - adidas ZX Flux 9000 Hydra competition

  • adidas x Dead Stock Sneakerblog - adidas ZX Flux 9000 Hydra competition

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adidas x Dead Stock Sneakerblog - ZX Flux 9000 OG Hydra - competitionAnd here's the next competition from our ranks. This time we have teamed up with adidas and are giving away one of the coveted ZX Flux 9000 OG Hydra in the desired size ( 36 2/3 - 47 1/3 ).All you have to do for this:


Like for the Dead Stock Sneakerblog ( CLICK!!! )2


Guess how many adidas ZX Flux I own in total and write your opinion and your desired size in the comment field below this picture! ( CLICK!!! )

3. If you want, share this picture in your chronicle. However, this is not a must in order to take part in the competition.The competition runs from September 4, 22:30 to September 12, 20:00. The winner will be determined via and informed by me via private message.(Legal recourse is again always excluded)Good luck!P.S.: So, if you don't get it couldn't be easier! :DP.P.S.: Don't comment on my homepage, but on Facebook! Here you'll find the store list of the adidas ZX Flux 9000 Hydra. Release is today at 00:00! So folks, first of all, thank you very much for your active participation. Over 600 people who took part, WHOW! I'm really flashed! Unfortunately there were really a handful of correct answers, so I had to draw lots again and the lucky winner is Maly Ateny. He, along with a few others, guessed the correct answer of 15 pairs of Zx Flux.have fun with your shoes. Everyone else, please don't be disappointed. The next competition is sure to come. Maybe even tomorrow... ;-)

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