adidas Superstar 80s Metal Toe - latest pickup

  • adidas Superstar 80s Metal Toe - latest pickup

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Dear ones, of course we didn't want you to be in withdrawal while we were mixing up Sneakerness Cologne 2015. So I've foregone some sleep and prepared a LPU post for you.A classic on the house of the three stripes that's finally in my possession! The adidas Superstar! But not just any Superstar, but the long-awaited Superstar 80s Metal Toe. Because that's exactly how I felt when I saw a Superstar Metal Toe for the very first time. "How cool does that look? Must have. Take my god damn money", was my approximate reaction. But we all know that coveted things are gone faster than you can look. #amkBut now I finally have one and I'm happier than words could ever describe. There's still one in rose gold on my WTB (want to buy) list, but what's not yet can be ;) Since I'm a fan of black and grey clothing, this colorway couldn't have been more fitting. I prefer to dress simple and clean, but focus on sneakers that can stand out. The fish leather upper is really first class, but for me it's a material that should only be worn in good weather and not on rainy days. No no, that's not an option for me, because I simply love it and want to experience many more happy moments with it. In clean condition, please. Oh, and of course I want to reap the envious glances. You know how much I love them when it comes to shoes :PAnyone who isn't at Sneakerness today/tomorrow but still wants to stay up to date can follow us on Snapchat. You can find Christopher under the name dssnkrblog and me under the name laluna_23 and you can find more Superstar colorways here or here.

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