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Lately, it has become noticeable that more and more "old" models from the adidas archive are being equipped with the newly developed technologies from Herzogenaurach. The ZX8000 Boost is one of these models, just like the Stan Smith Primeknit, which is the subject of this article.Stan Smith in its original form is one of the historic classics from the adidas forge. The shoe is not only popular and respected among "sneakerheads", but also an all-purpose weapon for every occasion. For example, I often wear the white Stan Smith to the office, meetings or other official occasions. In my opinion, the Primeknit upper gives the Stan Smith a completely different look. Compared to my other leather Stan Smiths, the Primeknit Stan Smith looks much more streamlined. The new upper has made the shoe much narrower and apart from the weight loss ( dat thing weighs gaaaaa' nothing! ), this is probably the only real noticeable feature. Of course, the "open-pored" upper is much more permeable to air than before, but this feature is only noticeable to the wearer at be honest, I was a bit surprised at first, shortly after the official release. I saw the Stan Smith Primeknit in the sneaker shops a few weeks ago and didn't understand why the Stan Smith was sold out everywhere. Now that I've been able to try the Stan Smith Primeknit for a few days, I can understand why people are so keen on them. The Stan Smith Primeknit is just perfect for summer and I'm sure I'll be wearing it a lot - a little tip at the end: my Stan Smith Primeknit is a US10.5. I normally wear a US11.5. The shoe fits me really well, so I'd advise you to go down a whole size, but the gray Primeknit Stan Smith is unfortunately already sold out, so why not take a look at 43einhalb or afew. Maybe you'll find a size or two there.

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