adidas Spring/Summer '15 Highlights

  • adidas Spring/Summer '15 Highlights

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No spring fever in sight yet? Niklas is getting on your last nerve? You finally want good weather and sunshine? Me too, me too! But hold on, my dears... I promise you: it's about to get better! Because after these pictures at the latest, you'll hardly be able to wait for the upcoming adidas collections and the warmer days and you'll completely forget about the weather outside. The pieces you can see in the pictures are selected pieces from various collections that adidas will soon be launching for us ladies and gentlemen. The whole thing was photographed by Josh Olins. Cool idea with the unfinished-finished backdrop. You only notice it the second time around because the clothes and colors steal the show, but I personally really like the colors, cuts and materials. I can't wait to see what the rest of the clothes look like, which will be released at the same time. You certainly won't miss it if you like us on Facebook to stay up to date ;)Until then, you can be excited and look forward to it. I want everything and preferably IMMEDIATELY. Please. Thank you. End of the announcement.

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