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Yes yes yoaaaah...Here it is, my second model with the Boost technology, and knowing me, definitely not my last.The Pure Boost "Battle Pack" is a Foot Locker Exclusive, which means that the entire pack is available exclusively in Foot Locker stores ( or online ). The official release was at the beginning of the World Cup in Brazil and in my opinion got lost in all the hustle and bustle. In my opinion, this was completely unjustified, as all three models deserved a lot more attention, and what particularly fascinates me about the Boost models is the lightweight feel and the comfort that comes with this technology. As described in my article on the Rocket Boost , there are currently no more comfortable shoes on the market for me. There really is nothing better, and this opinion has been confirmed again and again in recent weeks. Whether at NOT JUST SHOES in Hamburg, in the office or strolling through the city - with the Boost technology on my feet, I've never had any problems with aching or thick muscles. In addition to the attributes mentioned above, the Pure Boost impresses above all with its dynamic design on the upper. At first, I couldn't identify with it 100%, but once I had them on my feet, the whole thing looked completely different. My Pure Boost goes particularly well with dark pants and looks great with them. I really like the streamlined pattern on the upper! You should definitely pay attention to the size. I have already experienced with my Rocket Boost that the shoes run very small. My advice to you is to definitely go up a half to a whole size, but I have already discovered a small problem with the Boost models: Once on the foot, almost every other shoe disappoints. Especially when the shoes are changed, there is a noticeable difference in how they feel. Of course, that's not a negative thing...but you unconsciously downgrade many other shoes from your own collection - at least that's the case for me! :)What really interests me is which models will be equipped with Boost technology. Perhaps we'll be in for a surprise or two in the future. A Flux with a Boost sole would also be something nice, wouldn't it? Here's the link to the Foot Locker online store.

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